March 1st, 2005


Tuesday, March 1!!!!! (gah!!! it's frick'en march already? wow!)

~ gah... I take these pics at home before I take off... then get to work and cring!!

SNOW DAY... hahaha I wish.
It's snowing like mad and ... while half of america would call in dead on a day like this... we here in the frozen north... go to work, school and play on a day like this. :)
No seriously though... the roads suck hard core ... and the snow is not letting up. :)
I'm kinda jazzed about the camera issue. I'll take it back to Future Shop on my way home from work...

WHAT IS WITH GMAIL... or is it LJ's problem? I haven't been able to "post a reply" in-line with an email comment since yesterday!!! GAH!!! Fix this!

~ blue ftls
~ black kinda nice cargos... so a bit less casual than yer average cargo things..
~ a black t and a big blue turtleneck
~ meeting with boss man... to review our "state of affairs"
~ project assignment meeting
~ get busy on new gig...
~ keep answering "explain these numbers" questions on last gig...
~ tonight???? AMAZING RACE - if you never watch any dumb ass "reality tv"... I still think you'd enjoy this show. Exotic and interesting locations... and ... well these two bubba's from South Carolina are gonna be killa. :)
~ to share a little excitement with blurrycat on the prospect of her new dog!!! :)
~ to point out that you should be ashamed of yourself Sugar-Ray (raylenetaskoski)!! Next time... return the glue stick promptly!!
~ all the best in the universe to stephanie and her effort... you will never escape being drop dead gorgeous... but enjoy the workouts never-the-less...
~ for the power of Zoltar (just made that up) to infuse westhill_mom with all the energy she needs to stay the course!!! go you sugar... you rock.
~ to share a cool-as-beans link (thank you andysoft)... to the oscar winning short film "Ryan" [ :: link up to the file here :: ]

// So some dude strapped a bomb to his ass and blew a hole in the fragile middle east process...
And in other shocking news... the sun will set tonight... and rise again tomorrow ... most likely in the morning.

// The radio blathered on about this US company (Wyco? in Mich) that a) wont hire you if you smoke b) and will fire you if you fail a smoking blood test. Apparently 29 states do not have a statute in place that would protect employees from this kind of total-crap. Hahahahaha... what a laugh. BMC Software Ltd... used to have that policy but I'm not sure if it's still in place... I gotta say... first that this would NEVER FLY in Canada... period, and also... people!!! you have to rise up against this kind of abuse. I hate smoking... and I wish it was totally illegal ... it's evil. I am a smoker... a smoker that just happens to not be smoking right now... (I'm almost at six months without smokes) but I am not at all light on the notion that smoking is evil. That, however, is totally irrelevant. Smoking is legal... and even if it wasn't... an employer is not by any definition, a defender of the law. If you want to say no smoking while on company time... cool. But when you try to control what your employees do when they are off the clock... GOES TOO FAR. And the "It reduces our health care costs" is total shit... so would shoving all your employees in a cryogenic tank over night... but seeing as you are just their employer... you don't get to do that. What's next? No eating potato chips!!! You could get heart disease and be a drain on the health care plan???? If I was an american employee ... in a situation like that... I would so totally give that boss the PUBLIC FINGER.

// Watching the little Realplayer video interviews on the CBS web site from the upcoming season of Amazing Race... I am treated to Amblin and GOARMY mini advertisements... and the GOARMY ones make me want to cry... They show youngens... High School kids... confronting their parents with news that they did something about "that talk we had before... about doing something for myself... something important." You poor bastards... digging toilets in the desert and dying in Iraq... clearly important work. AND STOP... I know the people in the military are good people... they have my unending respect... but the MILITARY itself is nothing more than the broken arm of a corrupt governments' failed foreign policy that fills the deep pockets of a military industrial complex... and they're refuse is the children that get roped into joining the frigg'en army!

Ok... time to be somebodies paid labour... and a non-smoker... but because I choose that... not because my employer gets to fuck with my personal life.
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the hand

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geez... it's just awful how the all the newspapers
here are conspiring to ruin the lives of some very
average people.

I mean, where are the news reports of the crazed
attacking Jack Russel terriers... of the collies
and sheppards?

"No can do" apparently... No. They only have time
to report the pit bulls... jumping over backyard
fences to attack kids and their dad in a park or
tearing through a front door to get to the UPS man,
breaking a leash to attack some passerby in a park...
Oh no... only the bad stuff...

I mean, where are the news papser stories that
descibe that time the pit bull was helping that lady
across the street... rescuing the kids from the
runaway wagon?
Nope... it's all Pit Bull attacks... Pit Bull kills...
Pit Bull, Pit Bull pit Bull.

How unfair.
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