February 28th, 2005


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And now, to present the awards for sound mixing,
please welcome Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek.
(applause applause)
S: "The movies dat we see... blah blah blah...
blah blah...
P: "Here are the nominees... blah blah blah...
blah blah...
S: "and the oscar goes to... blah blah... blah...
(cut to video segment, low light, mic's off)
P: "OH SURE... you and your tits..."
S: "wha?"
P: "Is nobody looking at me... at us...
only thing they look at is your stupit boobs!"
P: "... slut!"
S: "What? I kill you bitch..."
(muffled thud)

And now, to present the awards for sound editing,
please welcome Salma Hayek.

Monday, February 28

Gray... flat light... uneven temperatures that seem to be tending towards cold.
Wind will come... there will be sudden cooling mid day... and it will give way to a warm winter evening....
The clouds... mother natures February duvet... will get well stirred on her bed tonight, when the snow comes.
There will be much snow.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and a tommy dress shirt...
~ and no fucking tie... ;)
~ Honestly, not too sure.
~ of course it's at moments like this that one tends to need to duck because empty space gets filled up from several directions in this sort of job...
~ tonight... "medium" ... and we have "The Notebook" and "Mean Girls" dvds at home waiting... talk about your polar opposites for movies.
~ oh, and I watched about a half hour of the first Terminator the other day... Man was Kit... er... Hamilton ever young and was that ever a freaky flippy movie. !!!!
~ I had a smoke. I'm just about at 6 months and I still desperately want a smoke nicorette gum... I have none, and have had none for a couple of weeks (the gum!)... but I'm at the "fuck that" stage and I'm gonna go buy some (gum... not smokes).
~ Beware the power ... Bow to the Bongo Boy!!! (snicker)
~ happy lj-annivers to a little dolphin I know...
~ to just point out that I really think her_whispers is cool beans... :)
~ and to say that dw_photoprojekt is fricking great photographer...
~ and!!! and that I constantly want to copy kumi's creative ideas around displaying images... you are remarkable.
~ ... good luck to a very treasured friend...misskris... on the big move. :)

// Oscars...
So I dunno about you but I'm looking forward to standing in line at future shop to get my hands on one of the first copies of Antonio Banderas's cd when it gets released... and I sure hope he does a lot more of that let slapping thing... gosh... talk about your singing god. I wonder if he could maybe do a duet with Clay Aiken ... oh be still my heart...

And next year maybe they can get 50 cent to MC the show... although he may find it hard to fit all that comedic work into his busy schedule of being a no-talent black punk in a satin bowling shirt begging for more bullet holes. But it was fun to have so many black hood-culture stereotype jokes to break up the monotonous class of the Academy Awards? Wasn't ol'dirty bastard supposed to wander drunk onto the stage and grab at hillary swanks tits? Gosh and wasn't Chris just a basket full of fun? I wonder how long we can look forward to angry black man as a comedic ritual.
Hey did you see? They unfroze Heather Locklear to do another hair product commercial.

Acknowledging the importance of other cultures, coexisting in a single geo-political landscape is cool... but if Canada adjusted their speed limits following the same logic they applied to embracing French, we'd all be crawling around the highways at 5 km/hr.

ok... I gotta go. :)
The truck pulled up and delivered a bag of "get to work on the web site."

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k... so I'm lying in bed ... almost asleep.
I begin to have a waking dream.
I have them all the time... as I fall asleep.
They're like commercials of dreams to come.
Short eye-blink moments with a dream like quality...
I recognize them because they are typically an image and sound!
Normal "imagination station corto" stuff... is no-sound.

So last night... I'm lying there, and I get an image of a guy at a microphone
and he says, as clear as a bell, "Even ideas can make you hungry."

I kinda wake all the way up...
the lights still on and Z hasn't come to bed yet...
so I only climbed in bed minutes earlier.
And I think about it.

"Even ideas can make you hungry."
~ like... I get it... you know, you can think about something and get a hunger on about it.
You can listen to a story and get a hunger from it.
Heck, I get a munch on just reading cooking books...
But generally, the notion remains... even ideas can make you hungry.

However, only eating can fill you up.

There are a lot of allegories wrapped up in that notion.

Amazing Race 7 Pre-show

Amazing Race 7 Pre-show!!

Tuesday... March 1 (!!!thanks guys...) ... it starts again!

Just when I thought I had a night off from the television... the come and pull me back in. Trying, and failing, to channel Al Pacino. So, I pop over to the CBS web site and watch their "interview me" videos... and I get a few first impressions. So... I thought I'd share those with ya. :) (if you do nothing else... watch Ryan and Chucks video!!)

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So my bro and his squeeze do this "oscars" party
every year... it was last night. (hahaha... ok, sorry).
My nephew, his son, had his family birthday yesterday
so we all got together at bro's house and when that
faded past cake and prezzies... it became the oscar gig.
They had rope lighting out-front and a red carpet thing...
and televisions all over the place.
It's dorky and exceptionally fun...
a chance to play with nice wines and hang with your friends.
I know three people personally that I consider to be frick'en
balls out experts on all things wine related.
My bro and sandy (aforementioned "squeeze") are two of them.
This wine-ological-lifestyle figures well into their social calendar.
... any how...
We were not for the game, suz and I... in that our charges
were in need of homework finishing, and to-bed going!
However, just before we left, I filled out my Oscar survey...

[ :: my carefully calculated industry savvy predictions... aka pfffffft :: ]

... won me the "oscar" they give away each year.
So I have him for the year and have to return him before next
years gig. (I had 12 hits out of the total and apparently that
was enough to garner the win!)
My bro came by tonight to hand it over. :)
~ I'd like to thank my lawyers... *

* somebody, I think it was swank, actually said that... I mean ...
you gotta be seriously tongue tied to be thanking lawyers...
(ahhh... JK glenn... no really....) :D

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btw... dream come true moment...
My camera... the dreaded Pentax Optio 33LF
the crap tastic camera from yuckland...

Bought the camera when it was a 33L.
A wee plastic part broke on it...
and I returned it to Future Shop for repair.
After forever they admitted it wasn't ever going to come back
so they gave me a new 33LF... this was a year ago at christmas.
While I waited for the repair, I bought and returned three cameras...
Kinda "try'en" each of them for a couple of weeks.

I grew to hate the picture quality of the pentax.
It takes lousy low light images and the white balance defaults are crap.

So I've been hoping something would go wrong.
and it did.
The thing is totally ga ga... Wont open and close, menu, or shit...
just hosed. :D
The "extended warrenty" I bought is good through to May 2006.

It's all boxed up and going back tomorrow. :D