February 27th, 2005


Sunday, February 27

So yesterday was another day of insanity and killa physical activity... :)
Up early and packing up the car for ski lesson day and day one on the new skis.
The boys made their lesson in good time... and Z and I skied our hearts out.
Bottom line: I'm not happy with the new skis. They don't cut an edge... I mean... ick!
So I'm gonna get diff skis today... hopefully. :)

We played hard all day... and came home to turn around and spend the evening at my SILs house...
then home for kids-passing-out-like-rocks... and me, trying not to... (pass out like a rock)
Alias and BSG were calling me from the VCR. :)

Now it's the day after and my right leg wants to beat the crap out of me... but that's from all the abuse. :)

Seriously, I cannot begin to explain how wonderful this experience has been... the "family" zone of going skiing and the physical result of spending so much hard-play-time out doors. :)

~ black ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ gray t and big big warm sweater...
~ ug...
~ trip to EB Games to get nephew a birthday gift
~ then to sports store #1 to check some prices..
~ than back to where I bought my "dynamic" skis... "sports store #2" and return them.
~ either buy a diff pair there or get 'em from sports store #1.
~ TKD all afternoon...
~ birthday dinner for nephew at my bro's house... big family affair...
~ then come home to an evening of homework, oscars, and massaging my sore leg! :)
~ that wenchlette enjoys her new toy... :)
~ for jerris_darkrun to settle his differences with Tom... (hahaha)
~ that Tea...er... teasdale gets to avoid big snow!
~ and that my friend kimberly... kimberly27616 snaps back to where she wants to be!

Geez.... February is almost over!!!
Man time is flying... of course, we're so busy lately that I can hardly keep my head on straight... so I guess that kinda goes hand in hand with the whole "time flying" thing.

And speaking of flying time... today is screaming at me to get busy...
so see ya. :)

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Sports Store #1 (www.sportmart.ca) has some seriously good deals on clothes... I just bought a gorgeous air-walk ski jacket for 39$ And they have a pair of Rossi Bandits (Skis) that seem fantastic... and on sale no less... with 30 day price protection, as the end-of-season sales get under way. dum di dum...

There is a lot to be said for reaching an age in life when you're not going to grow out of shit any more. :)

Sports Store #2 (www.kunstadt.com)
"Hi... I'd like to return these skis..."
"Oh? what's wrong with them?"
"Well I bought them a few nights ago, and tried them out yesterday... and I'm really not satisfied with the action on them... I found they weren't much at carving an edge and ... well, generally... I wasn't happy."
"So you tried them the one time..."
"Yeah..." "I mean, I was just dealing with a woman that tried some demo skis and she didn't like them at all after the first day but she went again and decided to buy them..."
"Yeah... that's really nice. So I want to return these skis..."
(Handing them over the counter...)
(Dude inspects the skis, all serious like... like he's looking down the barrel of a gun)
"Well, I can take them back... but I can't give you 100% for them..."
"Why not?"
"Well they're used... I can't sell these as new..."
(holding back sarcastic comments, and almost exploding with the effort)
"First you want me to try them MORE and now you're telling me the wear and tear on them means I don't get all my money back? The woman who sold them to me said that if I was not happy with them I could return them... she didn't mention anything about less than 100%."
"Who told you that?"
"The lady behind the counter the other night... standing were you are now..."
"Dude... stop talking. I've dropped some serious coin here in the last year, outfitting my kids for skiing... are you trying to make me feel guilty here? I'm unhappy with these skis... I'm returning them."
(puts credit card on the counter)

Leaves with full refund...

Sadly, that one exchange is all it really takes to leave a bad taste in my mouth... A sales clerk needs to look, not at the sale, but at the customer and the potential they represent. I'm going to spend a vast amount of money on sports equip for my kids over the next few years... why piss me off and make me want to go to another store?

No soup for you!!

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yeah... so maybe it's just me... but Chris Rock? No really... Chris Rock???

Hillary's dress ... amazingly hot. Hillary... well... sorta
Scarlett ... sigh...
The Incredibles? Well d'uh. !!

: this oscar moment brought to you by Gain... the people that make the best laundry soap commercials on the planet.