February 24th, 2005


(no subject)

so it's what? 12:44? and ...
ok, so the kids get put to bed ...
and we both pass out ...
stone cold dead.
Fortunately the vcr was busy in the back ground catching all the shows...
but tonight...
is a non night.

pretty much proof positive that your body tends to rise up and strangle you after too much abuse. :)

see ya :)
(ni ni!)

Thursday, February 24

WOW !!!!

It's absolutely beautiful out there.

~ red stripee ftls
~ pj pants
~ big khaki cargos
~ long sleeve fleece
~ ski sweater
~ two pairs of sox
~ wind pants
~ ski jacket
~ etc ... etc... etc..
~ er... well, I'm not heading to the spa. :D
~ actually, I leave in 5 minutes with the boys... Ed to school and Geo and I on a school bus with a bunch of other kids... on a ski day. :D
~ I have "group 8" ... five boys... and helmets. :)
~ that today goes well. :)
~ that icicle feels better.
~ and a special wish for my anonymous Slayer... that your mom gets some good news... you're in my thoughts.!!

Ok... gotta go.

The little guy... geo... who was, btw, doodling the name Syd on a piece of paper the other day (she's in his class)... is gonna kill me if we don't leave NOW! :D