February 21st, 2005


Monday, February 21

Holy strange day... I woke up in a fog and struggled through the shower shave dress rituals. I got the boys up, dressed, lunched and to the door... still in a fog. I felt like I was on the ball when I left at 8:35 (moments after taking that pic) ... and then realized the light snow I could see falling out my window was actually a veritable snow storm out the rest of the windows. The drive in to work... slightly over an hour and a half... was a non-stop-constant-battle to keep my little car on the road and find traction. It's a world of black ice and Dr. Mellon's Slick Mix.

oh, and I have this killa pretentious mini "tall thin" thermos full of really good coffee... so I'm gonna pour small cups (little cute lid thing) and drink them for the morning coffee zone. (Did I mention that it comes in a leather zipper case... hahahaha... no really, this thing, in somebody elses hands would make me cringe... but tough. Good coffee takes sacrifice. :)

~ new blue ftls... (they still qualify as new man...)
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and big dk blue turtleneck.
~ bid man all day... er... that would mean reading and commenting on the response to a big ol'RFP.
~ call Gray Rocks to try and change our vaca dates... seems we've booked ourselves in during the Quebec spring break... lovely.
~ call Kessels... furniture repair dude... long story for another time...
~ Medium is on tonight... I wonder what the real husband of the real alison dubois thinks of the jack off that is portraying him... :??? :D
~ that all is well for his holiness, the right honorable reverend dpaul007...
~ to extend my sincere sympathies to mscantbwrong and her family... I'm sorry frankie... I hope you are gonna be ok.!!
~ for this evening to bring a smile to alma_perdida as she collects her love... :)

Co-worker dude... bought himself one of these...

... and he bought the 512 meg version because he would have had to wait two more weeks for the 1 gig'er. hmm... interesting.
... another co-worker has one... he's had it a week. The battery is giving him trouble.
Apparently when the battery is tired of being recharged... the idea is to discard the shuffle... BWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I'm dying here.
From my point of view... All things IPOD related are fodder for gifts... as in I'd take one as a gift... but so clearly not something I would drop my cash on.

So after landing in vegas and checking into a hotel... a hotel that will regret ever allowing his pen to touch their register... he grabs the rental and heads to the gas bar. There he over inflates all four tires to ensure there will be much sliding around corners...

My memories of Hunter S. Thompson include reading the collected works and taking that specific passage from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He became bill murry many many years later... but not until I had taken several rental cars to late night gas bars to over-inflate the tires.

Rest in peace Hunter...
Thanks for infecting a generation with the idea that liberty is a great deal more than the lip service people in expensive suits pay it.
Too bad his notion of liberty included swallowing a bullet.

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gotta say...
co-worker dude, immitating the iPod commercial dudes - dancing with the big arm and head movements - is really quite hilarious... :)

* yes, I know... McPosty of the Clan Post-alot today... again... sue me. :)
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