February 17th, 2005


Thursday, February 17.

[:: and just because :: ]

The things that hurt you... that make you boil... can consume you.
But, honestly... that is rare. You deal and move on, because that's what life is about.
In fact... if you're really lucky... you get to say that "what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" thing. :)

I feel stronger today... In fact... there's a really good vibe inside.
Of course, that could just be me getting older and closer to the walker... but I doubt it. :D

Here's a thought;
It's nice... but not enough, to feel desirable.
The real deal ... is to feel desired.
Now... if you can see my point, then take it to heart.
Do your part... the people you touch with that attitude
will smile from dawn till dusk... and beyond.

~ drop dead comfy new ftls... blue
~ black kinda cargos...
~ dddddark blue old navy shirt
~ beige and gray/green sweater.
~ go me... black... blue... beige... and green. I'm like a used paint pallet.
~ job one... sort out last of data and update spreadsheets and charts ... and then send that file to my boss and BE DONE with that gig! (moving on!)
~ print out 125 pages of the RFP and start reading...
~ tonight? Survivor starts tonight... yeah! :) You can keep your Bachelorette/hoe-bag, Apprentice, Idols, and swapped trailer trash... I want my survivor. :)
~ that tonight goes swimmingly for pixiecup... :D
~ to congrat blurrycat on the download speed... tweak goddess. :)
~ that little debby... er... debby not the cakes... and her ankle are feeling a bit better (actually, hoping dude is feeling better too!!!)

A grade school kid on tour at the Governor General's mansion in Ottawa asks a fellow student, when the GG walks past... "is that the lady that spends all the money with the Queen?" Yeah, so a tour guide chucks him out and the school suspends him for three days. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT??? Go to school to get some good training on how to be a good citizen IF WE ALL LIVED IN NORTH KOREA... Geezus!!! The GG herself called in (a surprise call actually) to the CBC this morning after the news to say that she is totally against him being punished and if she had heard the question she would have paused to answer it. We live in a country that fosters our questioning nature. That poor kids young mind is going to be shaped by this experience... I think parents across Whitby (ontario town) should be picketing that school right now!!!

Ok... a "protect the sanctity of marriage from the heathen faggots" organization is swamping Ottawa with "protect traditional marriage" lawn signs... (like election signs). I'm talking thousands and thousands... and when a rep from their group is interviewed... he says "if you are made to feel badly by looking at the signs... then you shouldn't look at them." Oh My God...
Here's a clue... It's not coinky-dink that the Same Sex issue has the initials SS. Honestly, I think anyone that puts a sign like that on their lawn is no better than a 1944 german citizen that puts a "Go Adolf" sign on his lawn.
The issue is not as simple as people seem to think... it's not about same sex couples getting married! oh that's at the heart of the question and, personally, that's easy to tackle... it's a charter of Rights and Freedoms issue and debating it is a ginormous waste of my money (tax dollars).
No the issue is what the debate says about a country... the citizens... the people elected to represent them... and the lawmakers that protect us all.
Forget the rest of the issues and the arguments.
Letting a work of fiction like the bible direct public policy... never actually works.
Stop already.
If you ... if they... can do this... WHAT'S NEXT?
It could be you. It could be me...


ok .. time for me to read zillions of pages in RFP land... :D

have a wonderful day!!!
I know I'm going to... I can just feel it. :)
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::::::::::::::::[end of day me]:::::::::::::

Yeah, so if "difficlut" was a word - and I think it should be - what do you think it would mean?


Three Survivors get the boot tonight... from 20 down to 17 on the first night.
They have a tribal "pick 'em" thing to nine-per-team and if you don't get picked... well, you go home.
And then theres the first immunity deal... which sends someone home. (so ... 3)
So who goes home? my guesses... Willard, Ian and Carolyn...


gah!!!!! I have headphones on... um... almost all day actually... but the point is... I just burped.
I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn't quite as quiet as Fefe dobson might be making me think.

You know... I was on the phone with Bell yesterday... I decided to drag 'em through the mud over not getting our "one bill" thing sorted out.
The happy-phone-voice-girl was helpful and I ended up with a 77$ credit on my account and a couple of free months of cell phone service.
So I'm figuring that is just about what it costs to rent a Satelite PVR (think Tivo but canadian - so it comes with mittens) for a year.
The thing is only 10$ a month added to your bill... So I call the boss... er... suz, and she's good to go so I make the call.
FAAAACK. "no sir... we only rent the PVR to new Satelite customers... but you can buy one for $299."
So it looks like I'm stuck with the VCR for the foreseeable future. *sigh*.


K ... it's time to drive home.
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Pretty darn sure I heard George W give a quote on the radio saying he was looking forward to "working on European poverty and hunger".
~ so what? is he going to invite them to come and live in California?
~ or is planning to get those Europoean's to adopt more Columbian-style social programs?