February 16th, 2005


Wednesday, February 16

Snow... again.
Phew... I thought, for a minute there, that the winter had ended and we were diving into spring and summer...

Remember summer? no snow pants on the kids... among other delights. :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ white t and an old navy comfort shirt... :)
~ to get a report finished for boss man...
~ to call Bell and argue about something... (oh joy)
~ Alias and Lost tonight!! :)
~ oh man... to see a man about a horse.
~ that things keep on improving for landmark!!! The Thi Fighter...
~ a little good luck for icicle on the new you ... (up at 5:00?? you might as well kill me). :D
~ and a little "stick with it" juice to caranya... :)

Do you remember that story about the school teach (Mary Letourneau?? or something) that was jailed for having sex with her ... ?? 11 year old student? Then she has his child... then she gets out and, against bail conditions, see's the kid again... has a little more sweaty time with him... gets caught... back to jail... and has his second child. And now she's out... and they get married. It's almost like the plot of a cheesy book. He's like 22 now. Kinda dramatically romantic in a weird way...

Keyes = hate.
Nice... what a tool!!

Ok... gotta jet... see ya at lunch. :)

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~ so ... the post about the garage... last night... how can you not get this? Imagine you are seated, alone, in your kitchen at 2:00 am engrossed in writing something and your nine year old suddenly appears at your elbow. Suz almost had kittens. :)

~ I dunno how everybody else does it, but using one of the "pull the handle to wring it out" sponge mops to wash the tiles around the tub is forever and a day easier than any other option.

~ oh my god was I laughing as the radio gave me the six pm news with the bits about hockey... bwaahahahahaha... and entire year here... without the traffic tie ups on game night (I live pretty close to the Corel Center) hahaha...

~ I would love to be sent to Las Vegas with a half a million dollars of somebody elses money, under orders to blow it all... I'm pretty sure I'd bring a camera. :D

... it's time to watch Lost.