February 14th, 2005



~ this cake... is under the cut!!! (because I'm trying to save sirenity from needless suffering! :D)

Cream of Tartar ... is the closest thing to the look and feel of cocaine you can find in your kitchen.

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Monday, February 14.

Gotta fly... :(
~ no time to sit and play.
How unfair is that!!!

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white dress shirt, tie and dk blue sweater...
~ clearly ... it's dk blue day. :)
~ zooom off to work and spend the day in a big ol'board room doing day one ofa two day workshop. The last of three workshops we're doing for a specific client.
~ maybe get to watch Desperate from last night...and / or Medium tonight... :)
~ rest!!
~ macdatty is so totally on my mind and in my wishes...

Happy Valentines day.
Personally... well, you know... get some chocolate and kiss somebody but seriously folks, what you need... is not showing up because of a commercial day like this.
Hows this...
We are all friends, and though it may seem a little early in our relationship to be dropping the L word on ya...
No matter what you have going on... you really need to know, somebody loves you.
So if it's ok with you... I'll do a little of that. :)

See you soon.

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Dear Grammys:

It's all nice and stuff... for you to honor a fabulous musician.
It shows respect for that artists fans to recognize the contribution of their adored artist.

Believe me when I tell you, it would be dramatically nicer to do it while the guy is still alive.
I'm quite certain the artist would appreciate it a whole helluva lot more.

Donkey had it right when he said "nobody likes a kiss ass",
and Album Of The Year... is basically that... being a kiss ass.

And you're just perpetuating the problem.
There are living artists that deserve the honor.
... that earned the honor.

just say'en.