February 11th, 2005


Friday, February 11.

It's all sunshine and blue sky out there... :D Cool beans.
Nice for a friday.

My car is warming up in the garage and a big car cup of fresh 'bucks Verona coffee is waiting...
So I'm outti. A busy day but with a lllllot less stress. :)

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: dum di dum... :: ]
~ strong bad...
~ and an old-navy pull-over shirt
~ mad format review session with big ass document, asap.
~ then another review session all afternoon.
~ workshop #3 starts on monday.
~ then something about champaign and ice...
~ for a little peace of mind to find it's way to nortacon
~ to send a few positive vibes off the haela... just 'cuz.
~ that today somehow works out for ladymeg1
~ and that kimberly27616Kimberly90210 gets her dish!! (es). :)

So for Valentines day this year... (how convenient)
Suz and I are going to something called "champaign and ice".
It's an annual fund raising event for our community resource center.
We've volunteered at this event in the past, but this year we're going as patrons.
All this celebrities are signed on to be the servers at this fancy spancy dinner.
It's served in the club dinning rooms at the Corel Center (home of the Ottawa Senators).
Then there's these charity auctions... and then everybody... in their suits and ball gowns,
doff skates and go for a serenaded skate on the Senators ice.
The event is... tonight. :)

Have a great friday!!!

You don't know what love really is, until you've lost it.
Pain has no lesson, until you've recovered.
But happiness...
paints your world the very moment it touches you.