February 3rd, 2005


Thursday, February 3

K, another uber mild day... cloudy and damp... but not freak'en freeze'en. :)
I get to be in my actual office today... (joy) and I'm sure there will be some new reason to feel panicked about the client, but that's ok. Work is work...
Now... the other part of life... the Non-Work part... that is were you gotta find your way out of the stress ball and back to being human.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black cargos
~ dk blue t and a dk blue turtleneck. :)
~ to begin work on several project plans...
~ on working on keeping my 'tude to myself... (gets the better of me sometimes)
~ that I get a chance to catch up on strongbad soon...
~ happy geo hunting to my friend dotcombabe and her main squeeze (man that is some cool stuff!) [ :: geo caching :: ]
~ to send a few good fortune vibes at serraph
~ and that bratt72 has a great time tomorrow night!!
~ that I could find a copy of S06E12 of West Wing (bit torrent) that would actually download!!
~ that today ... goes well for ladytess

Well now... it seems the onion is in a fine state... or so explained Sir George... aka Mayor McCheese. :)
You guys are soooo lucky...

When you ask yourself where's the love...
you need to answer.
If you tell yourself I can't do this...
you have to take another look at what your doing.
and when you cry to yourself I wish... I wish... I wish
then it's time to remember that you are more than you think.
We are all so much more...

Yeah, ok... I'll stop.
I gotta git.
See ya. :)