February 2nd, 2005


Wednesday, February 2

I crush your head....

Mild!!! The weather... Like the glacier that took over my driveway may actually receed soon. :D


~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white dress shirt... mickey tie... there are tiny little itty bitty mickey mouses all over it... hiding in the pattern. kinda neat actually.
~ and a nice dark sweater. :)
~ another day at the races.
~ actually we wrap today... so hopefully it will not be a late day.
~ tonight? hmm must check to see if Alias or Lost are new...
~ a happy anniversary to dreamy_thoughts
~ and a big ass thank you to the ego patrol from yesterday...
~ I vow to look dorky for a week...
~ to send a wee "hi, how are ya?" out to TittyBaby er... I mean, tonyroomz... :D
~ and a hope for today to be ... better... clearer... for lisabella

Does anyone know of a web site that will "quizz" you on the Periodic Table of Elements?
Pop over to my friend Sugar-Ray and tell her ... [ :: she asks about it here! :: ]

My birthday club...
corto, groovysegue, laurel714, and teq.
It's a'comm'en. :)


When next you find yourself surrounded by a gaggle of kids...
... all the noise... the arguing.
Take a good look at the 10 year old boys and the 10 year old girls...
or... you know... ages around 10.
Be nice to them...
They'll be your doctors... nurses... and lawyers,
when your old and feeble.


The same sex marriage debate is going mental here.
I'm percolating... :)

Gotta jet... See ya tonight.
the hand

terrorists in white collars

Same Sex Marriage Issue

Actual issues:
~ property rights
~ human rights
~ equality or inequality under the law... civil, tax, inheritance
~ equality or inequality in our communities

Non Issues:
~ religion – no church is being forced to recognize, support or participate the process.
~ procreation – don't go there folks... because it's a kick in the nads to man / woman couples that cannot have children.
~ traditional marriage – exactly how is a traditional marriage threatened by this? "Next thing you know... everybody will be doing it..." yeah, right... dumbass.

The Canadian Government (Liberal) is allowing a free vote (mostly) among Members of Parliament on the Same Sex Marriage issue.
What that actually means... is unclear.
The vote, I believe, is a validation that Same Sex Marriages will be afforded all the same benefits and protections as mixed sex marriages under Canadian Law.

The Opposition (Conservatives) are freaking out and making a few dumb-like-post divisive statements about how this will lead to polygamy... destroy existing families, and doom the country. They are saying that they don't care what happens, they will oppose this issue, until death do we part. (which can't come soon ‘nuf, as far as I'm concerned).

The Churches are freaking out... the RC Bishops in Canada, and the Cardinal, are absolutely having kittens over this. They've published letters to be PUSHED on all parishioners, asking them to write their MPs and ask that they (the MPs) vote against the Same Sex bill. They are reacting with so much fear and loathing that I'm actually wondering if they are looking to start long term arguments.

The News Institutions are sucking up quotes like a bunch of fluffers working the sidelines of a porn shoot. They suck in the quotes from every zealot, lobbyist, and Opinion Monitor then can find then spit them out at us just as quick.

The result? That actual issues related to Same Sex Marriage in Canada are getting lost in all the noise. This, of course, is the goal of those aligning themselves against this issue.

My biggest complaint on the whole affair is that, just as the extension of voting rights to women a few short decades ago... this issue is ultimately going to become one that nobody will admit to opposing... In the end, we will embrace the notion that equal rights are not be negotiated on the pews of the local churches. When that time comes we will stop wasting hard earned tax payers money on arguing about such a massive NON issue.

Canadians are a diverse lot. Most Canadians are, in fact, members of one minority group or another and have enjoyed this nations long history of respect and protection. It is deplorable and worthy of derision that the Roman Catholic church and the Fundamentalist lobby from the US have taken it upon themselves to force their will upon the rest of us.

And shame on the members of those groups for letting their leaders take such bigoted and prejudiced stance, let alone forcing them on all Canadians.

I received the criticism that by my complaining about a distinct group (Roman Catholic Church) trying to advance their agenda was a hypocrisy in that all I'm bitching about is another groups (Gays and Lesbians) effort to do the same thing. Let me just say that this is exceptionally short sighted and ultimately wrong. Gay and Lesbian Canadians deserve equal rights in this country and I am standing up for the initiative to protect them. At the very least, we should strike down those laws and rules that actively discriminate against them. The Church is not asking for the right or opportunity to protect their rights... they are very clearly demanding that everyone else hold their views and participate with them in discriminating against a group of fellow Canadians. My anger and frustration with the RC is not based in any hypocrisy, and it is not likely to end any time soon.

The Amazing Race 6 Update!!

Amazing Race 6 Update!!

The Little Ones

It's all about... getting lost... apparently. I mean, we're down to the wire here and basically they are all being a bit dim. The models (slash actors! gag), the Odd couple (aka "the little ones"), and then there's Kris and Jon... who appear increasingly normal as the crowd thins out. Oh, and do you ever sit there, watching the show, wishing a sixteen ton anvil would drop, bugs-bunny-like out of the sky, and land on Adam? I know I do...
WWAS? What would Adam say...?

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