January 28th, 2005


Friday, January 28

K... so zebra is officially a sickie... she's in bed... Geo is totally there but hiding it a wee bit... he has a science test today... and you know... science versus health? ha!

No really... I got the boys up to the bus stop, squeaking over the snow, past broken columns of steam rising from the sewer caps... and shivered as they clambered onto their bus... and I felt more than a little guilty about letting Geo go to school...

Oh, and anyhoooo... I've been joking at work all week about how we have like 10 management level dudes and dudettes on our floor and they NEVER manage to bring donuts to the office... which, I personally think, is a job for managers!!! So, I hit the drive through at the brand spanking new Tim Hortons beside out office tower zone. wait wait wait... drive through can be dead slow sometimes... get there, order a dozen donuts and ... "um, we don't have interac yet..." AHHHH! .So I burn around to the mall, and hit the cash machine... back to Tims and go inside (not fucking going through that drive through line again) and present my crisp new twenty to get my donuts... "um... I can't make change..." OH MY GOD... Me: (direct quote) "Ok dude... you gotta sort this out. I'm stealing a dozen donuts and your calling the cops in about 15 seconds or you can come up with a way to SELL ME DONUTS... This is a Donut Shop right?" They dicked around and came up with change... but geeeze shit guys...

... end result... I ate like 4 donuts... bad... I know... but my coworkers all look funny with chocolate around their mouths...

~ black ftls...
~ blue jeans... [ :: not so new anymore... :: ]
~ strong bad tshit... making me think about kimberly...
~ denim shirt...
~ to not go postal at work...
~ finish data correlation exercise... aka exercise in mad frustration...
~ make a slide show out of the finished product.
~ dream of running away to be a kept man in a guest house...
~ try desperately to not stress out all afternoon.
~ I understood why, when someone is asked to provide a number they would choose to instead prepare a multi dimensional spreadsheet... I mean... how complicated is "how many?" (gah!!!!)
~ to send a few really good vibes to my sugar-ray... er... raylenetaskoski
~ I could fucking read my friends pages... (er... work thing... never mind).
~ the very best of natures fortune for my friend cynica... she's having her baby today!!! :D :D :D
~ to send a few fun happy type vibes out to travellingstar... because her head is in such a good place.

The International Space Station, struggling to maintain functional air systems... turns out there was a nasty build up of unidentified thick goo on a vent.. which they found when doing a space walk around the station...
Now then...
1) what? the air systems is not working? and Bush wants to go to mars...
2) "unidentified goo" ohmygod... You are in the vacuum of space... there is no such fucking thing as Unidentified goo.
3) "VENT" VENT!!!!!! I'm sorry... but "VENT????????" This is the "international space station" right?
Guys... you are making Star Trek seem like it's just waaaaaay farther away than I had hoped...

I listened to that Arch Bishop dude (Marcel Gervais) talking on the radio on the way home from work last night... the guy that wrote the letter telling the parishioners to pester their MPs about supporting the traditional definition of marriage. From a religion that remained silent during Hitlers extermination program... this is a fine time to be sticking your religious nose into politics. The guy actually said "... and I feel it is a personal attack." hahahahaha... vow of celibacy... vow of chastity.
... and I'm just saying... how many people out there think your actions are a personal attack on them... you fink.

I listened to an interview with the Sister Helen Prejean... the woman Susan Sarandon portrayed in "Dead Man Walking". Wow. I was very moved by her words.... She really made me think more about my attitudes about the Death Penalty.

Hey... Big Tail Gate Party in Bagdad this weekend eh... be sure to catch the excitement on CNN... if you can see anything through the smoke.

Time to get back to work... sigh... :(
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::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]::::::::::::::::::

~ ok today can just die... any time. ;)

I'm done but not done... does that make sense? I just can't do any more without having a mental freak out. :) So I'll save it and do it at home. I have to be bright eye'd and bushy tailed* on monday morning at the hotel for the workshop.

You know... I got a note from someone about the AR update... and (I know this is a prol'y a bit sad but...) it was great to know that someone actually misses it. :) I am writing it... I've just not be able to finish... I'll finish tonight. :) WWBS... what would Bolo say?

So... how the heck am I gonna have a Bowling Birthday Party for 8 kids ... when everyone in my family is sick like death? Gah!!! I hope Edward holds his health long 'nuf to have fun tomorrow.

Ok... I'm outti... gotta get drive'en.

See ya tonight... :)

* no, I have no idea how or why anyone would want to be "bushy tailed". Sounds like road kill to me... flat squirrel... bushy tail....

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a pimple.

not just any pimple.

a mount saint helen pimple.


well, directly behind my eyebrow...

that's where.

... and every time I blink...




The Amazing Race 6 Update!!!

Amazing Race 6 Update!!

Tuk Tuk Time

It's all about... realizing that physical stature really plays against you in this game... although not quite as much as being a dumbass! The million dollars is going to be won and lost on the strength of dumb mistakes. Oh, and obviously, there are no traffic laws in Sri Lanka.
WWBS... what would Bolo say?

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