January 26th, 2005


Wednesday, January 26

Sunshine and cold... getting to be a bit old that... Of course, it managed to snow over night too, so you know... the ice is everywhere.

Now if only the traffic reports on our radio stations didn't suck cocks from hell... we'd be good to go. They are always soooo far behind that you basically "Go" where they warn you away from because that'll prol'y be the quietest part of the road. Unless there's good rubber-neck potential... then it's just dorky. People ... I understand that you want to look and see if you see burnt dead bodies lying on the road... but ... a) if you actually did... you'd be traumatized... so screw off and get to work... and b) what exactly is wrong with looking for said dead people at about 60 km/h? why 5 or 10? You expecting some special details to be uncovered by your eagle eye? Dorks...

Our little Edward will turn seven ... 7!!!! tomorrow.
He's continuing to prove that "the terrible two's" was just some sucka's excuse for having no idea how to handle kids... the hard parts come later man! He's wonderful... he's smart... he's resourceful and he's surprisingly independent... but he's testing the boundries a lot lately. :( Everything is good... don't get me wrong... but it's fricken hard man. :)

~ new dk blue ftls
~ black kinda cargo pants...
~ gray b.u.m.m t hiding under a black sweater with a red stripe.
~ work work work... I sound like a peon in Warcraft...
~ suvery 2 "data correlation and analysis" is the official title of today's work.
~ tonight? well... tv melt down... but I'm sure we'll only watch a couple of hours of tv. Last night was only AR and Medium continues to wait.
~ oh and write about AR at some point...
~ that pookfreak sobers up... :)
~ that I could read russian... or otherwise understand the majority of _angelight_'s posts...
~ for a quick trip to the doc for landmark to be ... fruitful.
~ some better health for indianasweetie
~ and for some tranquility to find krazyleesa.

As the dust settles over what was once the cradel of our modern civilization... dust that marks the deserts made from lush farm land that succumbed to environmental abuse some 2000 years before Hey-suse did his miracle thang... car bombs, timed bombs and walking bombs detonate left right and center... why? because the people of Iraq need to have a western style of democracy rammed down their throats. Remember Abdul... Pappa George knows what's best for you ... so suck it up and vote... and then start getting fat on McDonalds. What on earth would their four thousand year old culture have to say about their own destiny.

Time to get busy...

see ya soon muchachos y muchachas...

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Two nights ago... having opened the little packages that I stored the bits in... I sat down at my desk (at home), turned on the bright light, and set about reassembling my watch strap.
A wee metal bit had up and vanished leaving links unlocked and the watch strap in pieces.

Now... when I say "pieces" I am refering to itsy bitsy teeny weeny little things...

After a few minutes of adjusting distances between my head, the light and the "pieces" on my desk... I succumbed to the obvious and reached for the 1.25 strength reading glasses my brother gave me on my 40th birthday.

This marks the first time in my life that I have worn glasses because I had to in order to see properly.
(and boy oh boy did they ever make a difference!!)

... interesting. :)