January 25th, 2005


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~ and they lie there... in their beds... in the same room.
~ one with half of one leg under the covers, the rest of his little self without covers.
~ the other, snuggled under double covers, pulled up close to his chin.
~ same pjs... same covers... same room...
~ and thus has it always been.


Bit Torrent.

How to download TV shows with Bit Torrent

So you missed a tv show....

and you keep hearing people talk about downloading the show from the net...

and you think to yourself...

"how do they do this?"

this is not my beautiful wife... how did I get here?

Well here's the answer!
Under the cut is my explanation of how I am grabbing episodes of TV shows off the net . Please know right from the get go... this is what is working for me... but not necessarily the best way. I am a late comer to this particular method and I'm sure I have a lot to learn about it. I'm assuming you have no idea about this stuff ... so it's a bit long. :D

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Tuesday, January 25

It's all about sunny and cold today...
... and I'm all about crazy busy.

There are good times and there are others...
... and it's the others you gotta watch out for I suppose.

~ red stripee ftls
~ kinda khaki cargos
~ white t and a dk blue button up shirt... :)
~ get gass... get to work!
~ oh... tim bits on the way? hmmm
~ crazy ass busy day finishing the workshop planning. Basically working with the team to produce the slides that will go on for three days... and the talk, of course, that goes with the slides...
~ tonight? Watch Medium taped last night... and watch Amazing Race!!
~ oh... like mad that my friend danicia gets today behind her...
~ that a big blast of really good karma would wrap around cloverbee and her dad... and that all is well with him.
~ for all kinds of good health to find angryvixen

So I put up the "how to" on Bit Torrent last night... :)

... and it's 8:50... I gotta go. :)
See you soon.

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You've got a cold... the flu... operable hernia...
yeah... you'll get better.

Sadly, this is not the case for people that pronounce recognize as "rekkonize".
Several european countries have already made it legal to beat the snot out of people that say "rekkonize"... especially old people.

... just say'en.

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Girl at work... we go to coffee sometimes...
she's a nice girl...
she drops in today to let me know she can't go for coffee...
she's wearing a seriously fuzzy sweater... fuzz everywhere.
it's kind of a tight turtleneck.
I say "hey... it's fuzzy girl... hows all that fuzz working for ya?"
she says "oh..." (rubbing some fuzz off her black pants) "You know... I was told to keep this shirt in the freezer over night before wearing it... to keep the fuzz from comming off..."
me: "... keep your sweater in the freezer before putting it on..."
me: "so, this was a guy talking right?"