January 23rd, 2005


Sunday, Janurary 23

me = totally jazzed about the bit torrent deal. I'm working up a post on exactly how this worked... because I just know I cannot be alone in having had no idea how to do this... but the bottom line is I watched a perfect replica of the show off a burned dvd last night... the Battlestar Galactica episode I missed... and I was over the moon happy a) to see it... b) that it all worked out! Shit... the show has been played to episode??? 12 maybe... in the UK... and it's been on for a while in the states... I could just burn the whole season and watch that...
~ does a little pirate dance...

Yesterday... killa cold outside... but the snow started mid day and that kinda put a blanket on mother nature.
We did a little sofa hunting... out lovely sofa... bought from "Rooms" a couple of years ago... is beautiful... but an absolute piece of shit. It literally "thump" ... breaks as we sit on it... and we're small people. We're working though "rooms" customer service fulfillment company but they suck too... so, bottom line... we're gonna need a new sofa.

~ black ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ very bright orange t...
~ to wear warmer clothes if I go anywhere near my front door! :)
~ actually, thinking of a sledding adventure this afternoon... it's cold but... the boys need some fresh air or they'll go mental.... or is it me that will go mental?
~ dinner at my moms house tonight... maybe mix in a bit of "happy birthday edward" (his is on the 27th) while we're there.
~ Desperate House Wives tonight...
~ dive a little deeper into the bit torrent thing.
~ that I find out how to say I love you in Hungarian from my mom tonight so I can tell nbbmom ... who already knows I love her... but is collecting ways of saying it. :)
~ my friend, alma_perdida, had more days to rest... to play... and to relax. They will come sugar... they will come.
~ a few wishes of good fortune to agentx_13... just 'cuz...
~ that all things well and good, stay that way for catherine
~ to point out... well, that heatherbell is a treat! :)

You know ... my kids talk about lil_sas's kids, and shebear's kids... because they play together... well sorta... on neopets.
and for dorky smooshy shmoopy reasons... that makes me smile. :) big smiles... :)

Yeah, so I have to go now ... and play "computer time cop" with the kids... too much war craft makes kids ... INSANE.
just say'en.

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off to sit at TKD and watch edwards class...

You know... the notion that I joined TKD so that I could "do it... instead of watch it" was all well and good but now... I'm doing both.

Time... always manages to find new ways of slipping away.

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just say'en...
there are very few memories of late night tv from the days of my life that do not in some way involve Johnny Carson.

May you Rest In Peace.

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When it gets too long... my hair becomes this mad-scientist explosion of gray on black.





off to see my mommy.

In all the years since my birth... I have only had a handful of haircuts from non-mom.