January 22nd, 2005


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~ lies down at 11:00 for a moment to snuggle ....
blink blink... oh hello 1:30.

[:: iTunes from Apple ::]
~ just saying... for a free download... that works great on xp... that is one outstanding bit of software.
for example:
I know there are loads of application packages that let you make music cd's from mp3's but none as seamlessly as iTunes. (at least none that I've used).
Install iTunes, it finds all your mp3s and wma's etc... creates a library and sorts them based on tag info into groups. You can, of course, make your own "play lists".
Pick a play list and play it... sure.. or pick a play list and click "burn cd"... ta da... done.

any hooo... almost time to crawl back into bed...
It's CFS tomorrow... so I'll see ya on Sunday.