January 20th, 2005



The Youth Myth

"Youth is wasted on the young" is the common,
yet flawed, lament of the jaded.
Enjoy the circumstance of age.
Youth is usually less empowered, often less aware,
and frequently out of touch with what they really want.
How can you get... what you don't know you want?
... first, you grow up.
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ok... best laid plans... and all that.
we watched tv and I totally dug Lost - but man, I think that guy... "Walt's dad" is a total dip stick.
Now, of course, he and Lock become gay lovers... you read it here first.

Other than that... tonight was some groceries... some kid stuff... some relaxing and now ... a lot of bed.

See ya. :)

~ oh, and sorry about the zillion posts... I don't do that all that often lately so don't let it bug you.
(and I'm not done with the myth thing... )

ni ni.

Thursday, January 20

Holy shit man... I mean, it snowed a bunch yesterday... so you kinda figure it's going to warm up a bit... BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
It's dead bang cold out there man... The steering column in my car squeeeeeeks like squeezed styrofoam when I turn... ug.

At least the sun is shining... and I'm not at a workshop... :) (tra la la!!)

Well... inspectorjury has done it again... an absolute scream!!
[ :: something about "laser beams"... Dr. Evil... er... Dr. corto :: ]

~ new turquoise (sp?) ftls
~ khaki cargos... warm.!!!
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ black sweater with a red stripe and a khaki stripe... (ta da!!)
~ gah... redo our workshop presentation to account for everything that happened yesterday.
~ begin associating this clients needs with out working models for service desk, desktop support and lan support processes...
~ get to the AR update at some point...
~ call Staples and have a we argument...
~ try to get some sleep tonight...
~ for ectv to shake that migraine... and baby... I feel your pain.
~ to just smile a bit at my friend tonya.
~ for the world of occipitaldruid to be a place of positive light... hmm... (it makes sense to me... so shhh!). :D
~ a quiet little moment of warm think'en for indianasweetie because she deserves it...
~ and a big honking congrats out to kiki679 on finishing that race!! You totally rock!


My ongoing laughter about the idea of the upcoming election in Iraq.
If the potential for death and suffering wasn't so dramatic, I'd be doing that "laughing" out loud... but that would be cruel I suppose.
It's a freak show man... Do you have any idea what rights (for example) their constitution ascribes to women? hahahaha... fucking Iraq!
The 51st state.
What a joke.

and a major edit and a major comment delete.
First time in a long long time.
~ just picking my things off the laundry line...


The Soldier Myth

Press gangs... brainwashed, oppressed and
psychologically manipulated by the remote
suits and uniforms that fear the stain of
blood on their doughy soft hands...

No seriously... what sane person would be
eager to kill, maim, and destroy?
Let alone succumb to the idea that "killing for
peace" was an actual validation of their actions?

The intense hardship suffered by soldiers in the
theaters of their performances is beyond my
ability to comprehend.
... and there is just nothing macho about digging
latrines, crawling in sewage, or wipping your ass
with an arm stump.

* and don't get dragged down here... this is not a criticism of the soldiers.
The myth of the soldier is not about the people... only of the role.
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I can't change what impacts my days and nights.
I do the best I can.
I explain myself... not because I have to ... but because I want to explore and discover.
I do that... it works for me.
I welcome the feedback... it helps me learn and grow.
But you can not get blood from a stone.
I know it's my fault.
I know it's my problem.


The Democracy Myth

"One person, one vote..."
In a true democracy, the needs of special
interests would never be met.
The democratic process tramples on the
rights and freedoms of the individual in
favour of respecting the will of the many.
Only through the liberal application of checks
and balances ... and the outright awarading
of privilage, can the individual find any voice,
let alone avoid being trampled under foot of
the pork barreled masses.
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The Beauty Myth

Why, exactly, is it so hard to believe the time tested
maxim "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"????
Here in the western world and probably in most of the
northern hemisphere, beauty is not a possession... or
even a state of mind.
It's a commodity.
It is sold to willing consumers faster than they can
come up with the cash to afford this months version.
It's worse than computer upgrades.
Here's the thing...
The popular media that promotes the unrealistic
stereotypes called beautiful are often accused
of tainting the impressionable and leaving them poor
judges of beauty. Think of the girl that supposes that
the object of her desire wont think she is pretty because ...
well, she doesn't look at all like that girl in the magazine.
Yeah... well, she is the PROBLEM and the VICTIM. The boy
does not even enter the equation. The beauty brainwashing
is directed at those that would style themselves after Beauty's
bounty. That is the yoke to push away... Make your own way
in the world... and take your own steps towards beauty.
There is more beauty in the baby finger of your true self
than can ever be nipped and tucked into your fashion victim.
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