January 14th, 2005


Friday, January 14

Busy busy busy... Like Piglet on crack... zooming around... and something always left undone...
We got up... got the kiddies off to school... then zoomed Z's car to the mechanics shop.
and I had to scrape, chisel and otherwise hack my car out from inside the snowy ice block that formed on it after the freeze hit last night (after the rain).

Someday... when I'm all rich n' stuff... I wanna get a nice car.
In the mean time... I'll just find some happiness in the idea that it's FRIDAY!!!
What an evil week this has been!
TGIFF man...

~ black stripee ftls...
~ new blue jeans... [ :: and yeah... :: ]
~ strong bad t-shirt and a denim shirt... :)
~ drive with Z to the mechanics shop to drop off her car and drive her to work... so they can look at her car today...
~ spend the morning in a dark board room, "dry running" the various presentations
~ bury myself in denial about the gravity of the workshop thing next week. I mean... I have to be somewhere at 8:15 ... in the morning (quiet Amy!!)
~ make up for last night ... I mean... I had about 15 consecutive minutes of down time yesterday... and I was up till 2:00 ... and that sucks all kinds of coque man...
~ to point out that you should go say hi to another_tom (nice guy... smart guy... has a parrot) ... just 'cuz...
~ that the life and complicated times of acoolsecretary gives her some peace... you remain in my thoughts Nadz...
~ that mspish gets to the other side of this months ouch zone.
~ I could just make a growly noise in _jamielynne_'s ear ... or is that a purring noise... ? :)
~ that Rob gets Buckey in that cage and then teases him for a while!! :)

It boggles my mind ... when I go cruising the info pages of my friends... and see that so many of my friends have me as, like, one of 10 or so friends. I mean... frigge'n cool. First it's cool beans that you think I rate being included in your world. Thank you... no really... Thank you. Bigger though... is just how my head continues to believe that you all know each other. This is a big illusion, I know... I mean, it'd be great if you did... I know that so many of you would love to know one another yet you don't. There are simply sooo many remarkable people on my friends page. I'd make a few examples but that would ultimately be unfair... however, I really think that if you're in the market for a new friend or two... well, there's some really good shopping to be done on my friends page. :)

When mankind did his last little bit of "evolving"... he moved into the form he possess now... and he did this over 50,000 years ago. Now you'll be tempted to be all impressed about how far we've come in the last 100 years... especially when you consider that a cro-magnon infant child, raised here, today... would have just as much chance of becoming a doctor or lawyer or whatever as you and I did... from a mental capacity point of view. We are what we were... fifty thousand years ago. The difference between then and now has a lot to do with the concepts of culture and collective personalities... but sadly, that's not the point I wanted to make.
Prior to that last evolutionary leap... homo erectus, or whatever the anthropologists call our evolutionary ancestors, hunted for what he needed. His cuisine ranged widely with all the options nature brought to the table. However, after we became us... we discovered efficiency and, for the first time EVER... began killing just because we could. Vast bone yards of a hundred THOUSAND horses... killed at once. Running a herd of Mammoths over a cliff... not to eat... but, rather, just to be rid of them.
We are what we are...
... and for every breath drawn to justify our behaviour, I think we should draw two others to use talking how we can do better.
Because... you know ... we can do better.

Oh... and for those of you who defy the concept of evolution in favour of the biblical story... grow up already.

Ok... time to go.
I get to print NAME TAGS all afternoon... weeeeeee...