January 13th, 2005


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clearly the gods must be crazy
or is that ... dogs must be lazy?

~ dude... we've been having a thunder and lightening storm. um... it's January 13... it's wicked strange.

Dear ABC Sales Team:
When next you feel the moral imperative to
run a show like Alias past it's alloted time on
the clock... in a theoretical desire to squeeze
a few zillion more advertising dollars into you
deep pockets... please rush down to parking
garage and ask Julio to ram a fork in your eye.

Dear Whoever Wrote The Software In My Satellite Receiver:
Thank you for the little check box to tell the vcr
to start recording "one minute early".
However, if you were really on the ball... or took
the time to get to know the guy in the parking
garage... you'd realize that adding a check box
for recording "one extra minute past" would do
wonders for the vision component of the Health
Care plan for ABC sales executives.

~ so... anything special happen in Alias after the knowing look between Sydney and Jack when Nadia explains why the clip in her glock is empty?

The Amazing Race 6 Update!!!

Amazing Race 6 Update!!

Bunching Up.

It's all about... bunching up!!! It's like some kind of evil plot. It seems like everywhere they go they all bunch up and wait for the place to open. The Evil Giant Human Penis Head (Jonathan), tells Vic that suicide is fine, Aaron looks past Hayden's chest and sees the nasty side of his little model date and, best of all... we get to see Adam in what appears to be an episode of the Bugs Bunny / Roadrunner show.

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Thursday, January 13

Ok... Mother nature is lying in a ditch somewhere... face down in yestedays lunch... reeking of cheap perfume and day old perspiration.
Unless she wakes up soon ... there's a good chance she's gonna drown in the WATER thats dripping off everything. It's like 9 degrees outside.

We all kinda woke up a tad bit late this morning... So I was in my house coat (with a big ol'winter coat on top a'course) at the buss stop with the kiddies. :)
I tend to forget about my hair - or what's left of it - in situations like that...
And then I make it worse by enjoying how friendly the other kids and the mommies and daddies are acting as we walk past...
Their "Friendly" nature is a repressed laugh about the guy (me) with all his hair standing straight up... ;)

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t and a dk blue shirt... I wanna call it corduroy but it's really tiny... the cords... not the shirt... it's a normal "corto size" shirt... ok, stop... this is getting silly.
~ ug... well half of it's done... seeing as it's like after 12:00...
~ get up, get to work, and go mental on the powerpoint crap. Can you say... two hundred slides!!! geezus fuck...
~ we're about to go into a board room and start the review... tomorrow is the workshop dry run...
~ tonight? No idea... but it will definitely involve talking to the admiral and trying to distress...
~ I had two of these bagels... man... screamingly yummi sammich... multi grain bagel with chicken, tomato etc...
~ to send a few good 'friendly' vibes out to "the" morganofthefay... just 'cuz.
~ HUGE... BIG...GINORMOUS good luck vibes to kiki679 on the BIG RACE... go and wish her luck man!!
~ and some hopeful vibes out to a mommy-almost, cynica... :)

two things....
Inland, away from the devastating result of the waters anger,
people go about normal lives... have gone about normal lives.
Hospitals operate... police confiscate... judges turn the other cheek
and lawyers rush around shuffling papers.
And millions of people live in conditions far below our lowest standards.
Yet their government can afford Helicopters and missiles for their Army.

On the coast... BILLIONS of dollars worth of international Aid washes over the sea wall, born by the cargo holds of so many thumping helicopters.
Food piles up and then is distributed before the flies even set their sights.
Ah... but what is this...
Children and their parents... far from their inland homes.
Lining up for food.
Why have nothing at home, when you can have Aid at the Beach.
Never pass on a good thing ... I suppose.

What is our goal...???
To rebuild South Asia?
To pour funds into those countries until their swimming in it?
Personally... I'm sickened.
Spread it around people...
There is no shortage of hardship...
hardship beyond most peoples ability to comprehend...
And not just in South Asia.
6000 people die EVERY SINGLE DAY in Africa from medical conditions falling from Aids related complications.
Do the fucking math. It's been 19 days since the Tsunami's stuck South Asia.
That's 114,000 people.
The tsunami is over.
I'm just saying....

Man... can I just say... the Canadian Cattle industry is so completely fucked that I can hardly imagine the consequences or what the hell we are going to do about it.
AND... AND!!!! Imagine... If the US ever gets around to doing the same level of testing that we do on their cattle... and they find BSE (which they will... bank on it dude)... well, I'm just saying... It's a bad time to be a cute pig.
"pork... the other white meat."

Yeah... work is still kicking my ass... I gotta get back.
See ya.