January 11th, 2005


Tuesday, January 11.

January 11!!!!! That is four months without a smoke!!! wohoo... :D

What a frick'en beautiful day!!! Horrifically cold... but it's supposed to warm up - quite a bit actually - towards the end of the day.
Sunrise was like some strange moment of cinema...
Steam billows up past orange and red...
An ocean of houses with little programmable thermostats kicking into overdrive as sleepy people struggle to climb out from under comfy covers.
We have a nice view of the sunrise out our bedroom window.

Of course, nobody wanted to get up in our house.
The kids tend to climb into our bed and snuggle... but since I added the big ass king size electric blanket... they think they live there... :)

Traffic was an evil bitch today... no really good reason, so I don't even have anyone to be all gassed off at about it taking like and hour and a half to get here. grrrr.

Now I'm here and wicked wicked busy...

Uber boss comes to talk to my boss with a quick run down of a couple of potential candidates... directly beside my cube - I live in cube land - (we're trying to hire more specialists in our field)... and he asks boss "what do you think of so-and-so". Boss man replies "him? I hate his fucking guts..." bwaahahahahaha... Sadly I was eating trail mix at the time... and almost lodged a peanut in my nose. As it turns out... he has good reasons to not want to recommend this guy ... good business related reasons... but man, I just love the way he made his point. :)

~ blue ftls
~ black groove station cargos... (shhh... I like 'em... and they sorta fit on fat days!)
~ big warm and seriously cozy turtleneck
~ mad dash to get the survey results tabulated
~ start prepping a three full day workshop I have to give NEXT WEEK to a room full of this specific client group. (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)
~ AMAZING RACE tonight...
~ and general dorkiness... because I'm feeling kinda good today. :)
~ not sure why... but I feel compelled to say that I hope my friend amythyst has a wonderful day... :)
~ that nbbmom can hold the "go slow" reigns... or not... (snicker).
~ random hugs for katie8471 just 'cuz...
~ for better health to overtake wbahner's little kiddies... :D
Happy Birthday moments...
dinkydo... Happy Birthday Sugar... and may this year bring you great happiness dear Deedee... you remain a shining example of achievement and grace (let alone all that "hot chick" stuff....).
jenlovefl2003 ... Happy Birthday to a relatively new friend... Jen, have a great birthday and I hope this next year keeps you healthy and happy.
ofsilence... Happy Birthday Nate... you are, in so many ways, "da man"... Have a great year ahead my friend and may you and your family suffer great happiness at every turn.

TV shows have hidden messages... Take Medium for example...
Ladies... when the dude in the bar suggests that you would totally dig having sex with him and his girlfriend...
it would be a good thing if the "girlfriend" was in the bar too and not a corpse on the guys sofa... mmmmk?

// Oh no, American can't just pack up and leave Iraq.
No... because they cannot possibly survive on their own.
They neeeeeeeeeeeeeed American soldiers everywhere...
And, for sure, they'd all just up and kill each other if the Storm Troopers up and split.
I mean, it remains one of the big mysteries of the universe how these people survived for SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS without American Troops everywhere.
Yuppers... America has got to stay.... forever...
(and keep a sharp eye on all that oil...)

Have a grand Tuesday muchachos y muchachas... :D
See ya.

OH... ps. is there a way to get the LJ Sema Client to recognize the "current music" from the iTunes player?

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~ I got this book from a co-worker as a christmas prezzi...
It's a review of the 2003 February 15 anti-war protests around the world
I'd call it a photo essay but there are such moving quotes in it as well...

The images of elderly men and women at the protests...
the look in their eyes ... begging the young to understand...
~ my eyes grow cloudy as I try to absorb their emotion

There are only a few select things you can do in this life that are more important that standing up against war.


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From the "sad but true" archives... aka... corto's dirty little secrets.

I am totally and completely all over womens figure skating...

I sit like a moron and watch, enraptured, by the girls figure skating in the Olympics... and yes, I get a charge when the wipe out huge... and no I don't pull the wings off flies, I just think it's kinda wow when they go down.

There's something about grace... something about the beauty of it...
Of course, the skin tight outfits and ass-cheeks-on-display doesn't hurt... and shut up... (hahahaha)

Remember that movie about the guy that hurts his knee and can't continue hockey... some small town thing... and ends up in the Olympics...
The girl he skates with... he's learning to skate on figure skates... and every time he face plants on the ice she comments "Toe Pick".
To this day... when ever I see someone fall ... I mutter "toe pick".

I just watched the trailer for [ :: Ice Princess :: ] and I was completely taken in.
It's like a Disney Kids movie... and I cannot fricking wait to see it...
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