January 6th, 2005


Thursday, January 6

Ok... first of all... it's hard ass cold outside. I walked to the kids bus stop with them today wearing my boots, winter coat, house coat and ... um... ftls. Cold ankles... not a happy moment.

We woke up at 7:45... (not good) but that's because I was up at 4:00 with a mind shattering headache. Not a migraine... shit, if it was a migraine this would be butt simple... just shoot my meds and bingo. No, this was crampy muscles through my neck that had me absolutely moaning in agony. Yeah... it sucked ass big ... and kept me up till after 5:00. When I finally crashed after that, I was... well, out cold. I should have taken a shower and stayed up... except... I went to bed at frigging 2:00 (yes, I am an idiot).

Last night was all about screwing around with the new computer, moving data from the old drive to the new drive. I kept running into weirdness with the Realtek sound controller native with the ASUS main board... and I'm having a bad time getting the 3-com Home Connect Lite web cam to work. I'll get it ... but it's just not happening yet. Personally, I'm going mental trying to get sorted enough to start installing the good stuff software... I'm dying to see how quickly this system encodes video from Premier... :D :D :D

Last night... we taped but did not watch, Alias. (this about made me insane but I can wait for tonight ... grrrr) We also taped Lost and managed to NOT TAPE West Wing. So I have no idea what happened in WW!!!! (I need a good summary of the show from someone!). We watched LOSt and dude, I'm getting a little ticked at how they are stretching shit out. You're all on a deserted Island and you're probably going to die... Maybe nows a good time to START TALKING AND DROP THE DEEP THOUGHT PAINED EXPRESSIONS. Geezus people... I swear, they pay these people by the word and the budgets must be tight because they never say any fucking thing... blah. I suspect next week will be better... At least they'll have some new hand guns.

~ blue ftls
~ strange khaki cargo pants... strange but warm.
~ a gray b.u.m. tshirt with a very serious turtleneck over it to keep corto parts warm!
~ black shoes that feel like they look like "petite feet"... some pants just want big clompy shoes on yer feet... and these black dress shoes... are not that.
~ insanity... fucking insanity.
~ the survey data is coming in so today and tomorrow are filled with scheduled calls to respondents to review their survey feedback... kind of a cool process.
~ WATCH the Alias show that I taped but did not watch last night...
~ that things... stay stable for catherine
~ and that psychomagnet catches a few really good breaks this year... you deserve them sugar.

// Two things:

Have you read about Six Apart's purchase of LJ? [ :: go here to read about it :: ]
There's a new sheriff in town ... and his name is Reggie Hammond!
~ if this sort of thing worries you... stop. This is background noise and if there's going to be any impact on you or your journal... it's miles away and there's zero you can do about it. My bottom line is that the Lj has the best "concept" out there for Blog-ish behaviour... and that's what makes it so successful. Six Apart will not take that apart... 'cause that would be... another "apart" and they've already got their allotted "six". or something like that.


It's wonderful to see so much support for the South Asia flood damage...
heck we contributed to the cause... and happily so... especially because
the Canadian Gov is matching, dollar for dollar every private donation... so groovy.
However... I am seriously concerned about what is going on...
The glut of amateur video and images... and the vast amount of
professional images... that are soaking up every square inch of
television and web news real estate is keeping this tragedy in your
face. Did you make that happen? Did the Government make that
happen? NO. The news organizations made that happen. They
make the choices about what goes on the evening news .... no
question. The images pull at our collective consciousness and our
wallets open up. I heard the number 4 BILLION as the total
committed aid to South Asia so far. A lot of that will be in
"low interest loans" and "domestic goods and services"
(inspiring local economies) and not a great proportion is
cold hard cash... but whatever. It's Aid and it's better
than a kick in the soaking wet ass.
Now... where are the images of what is happening in Darfore?
The Sudan has suffered something like two million (2,000,000) deaths....
or what about the 100,000 Iraqui citizens that have been killed there...
What about the 13 million Africans that will die from Aids in the next little while...

My point is... when mother nature rises up and kills a bunch of people with a
catastrophe... CNN and everyone else is all over showing us every little detail and
we all go mental trying to help. But for some reason, other - more horrific catastrophies -
are only marginally reported (and without the heart-tugging images).
We elect people that make Mother Nature look like a girl scout and then we close
our eyes while things fall apart.
I dunno... it's confusing... it's scary... and it's not going to end anytime soon.

A jaded part of me keeps thinking... there will never be armateur video segments of cool catastrophes or white folk dying in Darfore... so there will never be much of an outpouring of aid for that ravaged province in The Sudan.

Have a great Thursday...

(no subject)

Bill Gates... does a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, January 6!!!!

1) Demo of Media Center... CRASHED!!
2) PC Tablet fails to access internet
3) Forza Motor Sport... BLUE SCREENS on an X-Box.

Blue Screen on an X-Box? ... good god... bwaahahahaha....

Geezus... you'd think they would have tested this stuff...

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Oh my god... what a day.

:::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::::::

I'm so wasted tired I could sleep on... under my desk... right now.
Case in point: a response to a friend talking about the show "lost" from last night ... included my typing "are pa fat potential forqj" and, after some review, deciding this was an appropriate response... Dude!!! I have no memory of ever typing those words or what they were supposed to say.

Trailer at apple: [ :: Sin City :: ] Looks like a seriously fun kind of whack.

It's been snowing like crazy all afternoon... so the drive home... will be like driving through hell with a biker on your tail.

Dear Alice;
Life is full of little surprises.
Sadly... many of them suck.
Let the water wash over your little self.
Wait for it to warm up...
... because it will.
You are more than you know, and better than he will ever guess.
ps. the surprises that don't suck... are fantastic and worth waiting for.
... and I will always care about you.

~ and a big "pa fat potential forqj" to each and every one of you. :D