January 3rd, 2005


Monday, January 3

Well despite the flat light and general winter whiteness... it's a lovely day because, it's the first day back to school... yet it's still a stat holiday for me.
So Z and I stayed up wayyyy to late watching 24 (1 single episode left!!) and then got up together to tag team getting the boys on their bus... fed and with lunch in back-pack... :)
That was then... it's 9:03 now... They're at school and my bed is whispering to me... like a siren song... drifting to my kinda-needs-a-shower self. :)

Oh and.. Ski Movie!!!.
I finished a wee movie about the Big Ski Day with the boys.
[ :: You can download it from here ::
It's a 7 meg file and I kinda recommend "right click / save target"
if you wanna see it. :) (looks better if you keep it from running huge...
constrain media player to something close to 320x240.  The video
segments are from the CRAP mpeg recorder in my digi cam. 
I really need to sell my sony handycam on ebay and by a micro-dv cam... :)

Of course, the DV version that I'm giving my mom is like 460 megs... hahaha... :)

~ pj pants.
~ a house coat...
~ to go back to bed for a wee bit ...
~ shopping... going to buy the bits for my pc that I've been salivating for...
~ hmmm... christmas tree needs to come down...
~ other than that... no real plans... :D
~ just a few random wishes for ariadnedo34... and ps. I loved Big Fish.
~ that thisismostlyme manages to avoid the gray hair the kids play gives her... :)
~ that the next 16 weeks... the weeks between now and her baby's arrival... go well for my friend cockermom.
~ and that barefoot_dyke escapes this migraine... soon.

We can (er, western power can...) mobilize vast armies to bomb,
shoot, burn and otherwise kill a hundred thousand Iraqi's... We
can move unprecedented volumes of physical equipment and
supplies to a theater of war... but we're all screwing around
with a few million here and a few million there... to deal with
the worst disaster in modern history.
The flood damage in south asia is one thing... but the death,
disease, famine and destitution that will come in it's wake will
drive the associated death toll over 200,000.  It speaks volumes...
that dramatic help is being paid for by private citizens but I was
looking at this in the early stages and held a small hope that
our governments would pull out all the stops...
but sadly... they have only pulled out some of the stops.  I
suppose I should be proud of what effort is being made...
but when you compare our ability to make war versus our
ability to actually help people... well, it is a bit telling.

If you have to work today... thank you. :)
If you're like me and get the day off... WOHOO... :D enjoy.