January 2nd, 2005


Sunday, January 2

Morning!! :D
As I sit and type... the now begins.
When I grabbed the paper it was killer cold... but no snow... so I figured... ok, a cold day always follows a mild day... that way all the auto-body shops stay in business and homeowners get to bust their hands smashing ice... you know... the joys of living in the frozen north.  But no.  Not good 'nuf. Now it has to snow big fat thick snow flakes. The air will become a bit warmer but that ice layer on the ground will just be hiding under the snow.
Translation: bad day for driving...  (but geez... has it every started to snow... wow.)

We had another (gasp) turkey dinner at my brothers house last night. It was nice... and we had some good talk about some recent books on the subject of Oil, and it's finite supply and that impact of that supply running out in 20 years on our way of life.  It's kind of funny to think about how adamantly some people are that the war in Iraq was, is, about anything besides Oil.

~ gray ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ strong bad
~ denim shirt
~ to put fresh band aids on my thumbs... progress but man, it's slow going.
~ groceries
~ back to Staples to return the LX500 wireless desktop (suz) and try her with a ms wireless desktop... (er... is staples open on sunday?)
~ make ribs for dinner... invite someone to come and eat them with us...
~ rent the last CD of 24's Season 3  (in a strange twist of temptation, the last three episodes of season three are on Mystery Channel NOW...)
~ that somebody shows up in Charlottesville, VA and reeeeeally needs a house. :) er... make that nbbmom's house...
~ for canuckgirl to get over that cold... and feel a whole lot better.
~ to send a few really good vibes out to ladytess... just'cuz...

Oh and I can't figure out why my Adobe Premiere Pro will not import the native AVI formats that come out of my little pentax digi cam.  I have to convert them to wma files (or another format) before Premiere will recognize them... bummer.

Tomorrow, while a stat holiday, is the first day back to school for the boys. The geek store I want to buy parts at is supposed to be open tomorrow... so that is a lovely recipe for me to finally get my new toys and sort out my computer.  Cross your fingers that they actually have stock in the bits I want!!!

Okidoki... I have a few projects to clear up before groceries... so see ya. :)
and have a great sunday. :)

Oh and...: For all your sound file editing needs... why go crazy hacking soundforge when you can get wavepad for free?
[ :: check this out ::] A totally free software package that does exactly what I wanted a sound editor to do... let me chop up files and save 'em.

(no subject)

Bath time ended with this moment of
random weirdness. As I have on absolutely
countless other nights, when the last little
one is dried off and sent in search of pj's,
I clean up the tub area and drain it.
So I push the thing to start the drain and
- as I always do - grabbed the bath-bottom
mat from the bottom of the tub and pulled
it up and out.
I hang it on the shower curtain rod and it
drips onto the cloth bath mat.
This time however... some weird ass wave
pattern formed in the water of the tub and
instead of cancelling one another out, the
waves multiplied quite suddenly and - no
exaggeration - hit the back of the tub and
send about three liters of water over the
tub edge. It splashed across the floor, my
sox and the little bathroom throw rug like it
was just another day at the office.  Never
happened before, and prol'y never happen
Good thing I never studied fluid dynamics or
I'd be all over the math here.


(raw excitement from suburbia... wohooo).