Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

K... you cannot believe what kind of a day yesterday was.
But first... picture... I got an anon comment say'en I smile too much... and that it's a freaky smile...
So to celebrate the voice of anonymous bugs that don't use their names... (, via
A week of no smiling... and lemmi tell ya... it's gonna be hard.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ old txt shirt with a big ol'orange stripe across the front
~ geez...
~ ok, in a few it's off to the TKD Belt Testing event... Suz and Geo are going for their Orange and there is much practicing and talk'en in Korean going on around here...
~ yesterday would just go away...
~ I've no time yet to read my friends pages... so let me just say I do hope that when I can read... I find that things have been good for my friends...

Yesterday... you know... a saturday, some sunshine... a breeze... open the doors and let it all blow through...
Kids with water balloons playing out back... some great clean up stuff going on early in the day... to make room for a nice afternoon.
... and while I'm at Home Despot handing over more money... for some landscaping "mesh" my cell rings...
Suzy and the boys were attacking the basement, on the cleaning thing...
... and discovered water.
The pipe that feeds an outdoor tap has been drip drip dripping into the wall... inside the insulation... and spilled out LARGE on the floor.
[ :: the kids computer area in the basement :: ]

I found the leak... and I can fix that... but the whole freaking wall has to come out to get the soaking wet insulation out...
Major fucking pain in the ass... l

However... it's 10:36 and we have to get going... so I'll see you later. :D
Time to get some orange action for my Geo and the girl in my life.
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