Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ gwen is a cosmo girl... fancy that...
~ what hair I have left... is basically doing that Monica Ping Pong thing from friends... all frizzy and fuzzy and acting quite strange. I suppose I could fix it but ... why? it's the hum-addidi... or something like that...
~ all the windows and some of the doors are open... it's hot and humid... but there's a slight breeze... so things are making little noises in the house... Z and I are quietly sitting at our computers, playing... and we keep hearing things ... doors opening... drapes ruffling... it's wonderful... but it's creeeeepy.
~ I had a grand moment of paying-it-forward vibes tonight... and was well reminded of why I have such a great time playing in journal land...
~ debby is a good girl... be nice...
~ for some reason IE wont work... just wont connect to the internet... everything else does... I haven't started messing around to find out what's wrong... in fact this post is brought to you by step one of seeing what else actually does work... :D reboot...
~ tomorrow is computer free day at casa de corto... so I better get this damn thing working! :D
~ americans are having a bird about gas being like $2.40 a gallon... Canadian coin is trading at about 76%... and our gas is almost $5.00 a gallon.

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