December 31st, 2004


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watched... what else... 24. :)

but then we watched the news after.
the Saskatchewan news, the Southern Saskatchewan news... which came on after the CTV national news.

and boy... lemmi tell ya.
Things is some tough in So-Sas.
Big storm. White out conditions.
Northern Saskatchewan had to do the news for Southern Saskatchewan
'cause the Southern Saskatchewan news channel ... was all snowed in.
Bernie Knipple made an appearance shovel'en.
And there's a back log that needs clear'en at the Airport.
They told us 'bout it... and... they show'ed us pictures.
Heck, that line up was like 15 people deep.

I love local news from BFE locations...


and it's way late! :)

ni ni.

Friday, December 31

Fricking RAIN!!! Dude... it's like 5 degrees outside and raining off and on.
The ski hill says the snow will be good but the rain may be a problem... we'll see.

I want for nothing except to find a way to make today a fun day for these guys... they've had a great holiday but they haven't had any real ADVENTURES other than the tobogganing stuff... (oh, and we went again yesterday... vast baskets of fun... seriously).
Tobogganing is way fun... but seriously dangerous. So I follow this simple rule... Take run after run until you feel the first sign of tiredness walking back up the hill - then look at your kids... see them smiling and happy and without-broken-bones? Good... go home.  All those broken arms and legs from tobogganing... happen on the last run... (bwaahahaha... ok, sorry... I know... but seriously... the accidents happen after you all get tired.)

This has been  a banner year for me... but a rather crummy year for the planet.
Lets try to sync things up for 2005.  The Planet and I deserve a good year. :)

~ black stripee ftls... [ :: um... :: ]
~ a white t shirt...
~ a black hoodie...
~ sox!
~ quick shower...
~ drive to my brothers... pick up ski equip for me...
~ cross my fingers that it stops raining...
~ possibly... GO FOR IT... and make a day of it. (despite the evil crack ho's efforts to thwart my fun!)
~ hmm... pizza for dinner? 
~ my brother was coming over and watching LOTR ROTK ED tonight... but I have a feeling that's a no go.
~ it was sunny...
~ I had a few minutes to read up on you guys...

I wish you all a very happy new years eve day... and stay safe so you are in fine form to run all kinds of health risks tonight. :)

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So many parts of my body are pissed off at me right now... it's not even funny. :)
~ grin.

Today was fabulous.
A) rain all morning in the city... = nobody goes skiing.  The place was empty and the snow was fine!!! (and it stopped raining before we got there).
B) ran into my SIL and the youngens there... they were testing for their Assistant Snow Board Instructor jobs today!  SIL totally helped out with the "after lesson" ski stuff with the boys. :)

Edward, who had been protesting like mad about having to do this... snapped on his skis and ... took off. :)
George, is a total Nat on skis. He just "gets it" right out of the gates. He was absolutely just skiing his legs off.

The boys as they leave with Instructor
Dan for their "discover skiing" lesson. 

(don't think about baby ducks and man-hole covers...)

I have a project to work on with all the
little video bits I shot today.
(being a very very typical daddy at the
ski hill with his little first time ski-boys.)

Both boys asked if they can take more lessons...
so that's looking like a go!! :D

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late dinner... I'm leaving to go pick it up any minute...
chinese at home with the boys.
A puzzel spread across the dining room table...
Some new card games the boys got for christmas...
A new years eve made entirely of family bits and pieces.

~ and he smiled and smiled...