December 30th, 2004


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yeah... ok so that's nice and weird.
I just got a couple of email-notific's re: comments from... like, October.

a little livejournal indigestion me thinks...


another night od'ing on 24.
and I think there's still two more dvds!!
(tonight was wicked ... in the show... but I won't say anything in case it buggers it for someone. I know I watched the whole first season knowing the "secret" of the ending and it was a bit off putting.)

We gotta finish this soon though... Lost kicks back in soon... Medium starts on the 3rd and Alias starts on the 5th!!
New Alias... how great is that?
and remember... when she's in pvc and wearing heals... it's a clear signal that men in nice suits will soon experience an ass kicking.

I'm really surprised that I didn't get at least a groan over the Petty / Waiting comment earlier.
sheesh... you'd think nobody knows music that wasn't hatched in the last four years....

K... ni ni. :)
ps. a great day. !! :)

Thursday, December 30.

Hola. :)
Yesterday  was great (aside from the realization that I can't get my new computer bits until the 3rd!!) and today... is going to be even better. :)
I'm liking this holiday stuff... too damn bad I have to go back to work at all.  Seriously... I bought a lottery ticket yesterday (I almost never do that).

Hey... we went to the big-ass toboggan hill in the neighborhood. It's a huuuuuge hill... big stadium lights etc. Kinda maintained by the city...
Point is... it was way icy. And we went at 5:30 for a little pre-dinner fun. So it wasn't that busy.
Now... WHAT the hell is it about sledding that turns people into sled-magnets?
I swear, a person walking across a big empty toboggan hill will be targeted, as if by magic, any sled that dares descend.

Proof : [ :: Check out this little video segment from last night (it's a relatively small file). :: ]
I was trying to just grab a little footage of Geo (he's in the Yellow jacket on the right) going down. Ed's in the sled with me and we take off straight down the hill...
Check for the dude on the far left of the screen... Fortunately ... we missed him... but, like, by a fricking eyelash man...
Oh my god we were laughing hard... :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ gray b.u.m. t. :)
~ to continue being a bit of a sloth. :)
~ well, ok... make a snack for the guys
~ clean up the bedroom, and sick the boys on cleaning up the basement
~ repackage z's logitech cordless desktop and exchange it for the next model up...
~ meet Z with the boys for lunch... Wendy's Salads rock... (just say'en)
~ a little project with the wires under our desks and these new clippy things... (see picture)
~ spaghetti for dinner... :)
~ that I get to finish writing up a christmas picture post...
~ a few small wishes for a precious no
~ for a little healing of the OW!! for resilience
~ to smile for hotblue... there's a lot of power in a smile.

We are soooo close to 2005... I can taste it.
I wonder...
~ will we move closer together or further apart on the issues of same sex marriage in 2005?
~ what will happen during the elections (*cough) in Iraq? and will the US ever get out of there?
~ will the Ukraine disintegrate?
~ will this be the year that someone yells loud enough about Africa and aids?
~ can anything stop Putin from decimating his population over the Chechnia thing...

I know it's very self centered... but of all of those issues... the first is the one that has the most relevance, for me, in Canada.
We are far from done with it, socially and politically, and while it may seem like a "minority group" issue...
I propose that it will define, by it's resolution, the tenor life as a Canadian for years. 
It's not in the details... no, it's more about what the choices we make say about us as a society. 
Equality and freedom should not be difficult concepts.

Ok... time to go be dad. :)
See ya. :D
(and have a great day muchachos y muchachas...)

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:D grin...
I just booked the boys for a "Discover Skiing" day ... for 9:30 tomorrow.
It's a one shot price for equip rental, lift and lesson ... just to see if they find the whole thing exciting or traumatizing. :)

Down side is that I gotta get up and be somewhere eeeearly! :)

Scratch that... I just reschedulated it for 12:30 instead.
Why ruin a good thing by starting it with a lot of rushing about to get there... :)

Now then...