December 28th, 2004


Tuesday, December 28

See... cam land started with Suz having a full size "hutch" beside my desk... and my little 3com lite cam sat "UP" on that pointing down at me. Then the hutch went away... and I got the ADS cam and started trying to sort out a new camera angle.  Part of our deal is to not put suz's chair in the refreshing cam shot so to respect that means I have to sort out a front shot or a shot from the right... but to the right... is nothing but empty air or the camera on its wee tripod... on the desk. Believe me...the low angle shot is evil. :) 
So the ADS cam is up on the end of a christmas wrapping paper tube for the moment... wedged in between a little laser printer and a desk. Temporary!
I am jonsing to sort out a "snake" mount (you know... that bendy-stiff-tube stuff... sometimes you can find a light on a "snake mount") that will raise the camera up about three feet... about where it is now... for that morning shot... :D

It's a flat, cloud covered day and brrrrr cold. I need desperately to get to a store and buy vast quantities of road salt and begin trying to carve the ice castle that is now my laneway and return it to its proper "laneway" job!! (ohhh it's a bumpy ride to drive up our laneway!! :D)

~ red stripee ftls
~ pj pants
~ and a ten year old sweat shirt... :)
~ extreme laziness...
~ which should give way to bustling activity around 1:00'ish... I have to return a couple of things to Staples
~ to keep trying to nail down what video card to get... and don't be talking to me about no 400$ video cards... oh my god... there are some amazatron video cards... but ... but ... for what?
~ Amazing Race - the sort of ending to last weeks non-ending-episode, is on tonight...
~ that this next year... the one about to start... brings some new hopes and dreams to aliseana
~ for a deep kind of peace to find my friend no... I heart you Alice... you're a good girl.
~ for a little less spit in the world of kimmellee...
~ and some big squishy hug type moments to the garden bum... er... wolfiegirl... who gets to indulge... because she's earned it.

Isn't it odd that sudden death... is so much more evocative than slow, lingering, sad, torturous, soul wrenching, pitiful death.
Forty thousand people ... a proposed death toll from the floods following the deep sea quake in south east asia.
Even a few white people died... because there were tourist destinations on the Tsunami's menu.
Meanwhile... literally MILLIONS of people are dying in Africa.
When you have nothing... having children is everything.
Historically a sign of power and prosperity, the simple and natural act of making babies has become...
the beginning of the end for so many millions of tribes people.
There are several really good reasons why it's almost impossible to help these people,
and just as many ways to be sickened by the haste in which we move to give up on them.

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yeah, so I used one of those "Ponds Black Head Sucking Face & Nose Tape" things this morning.
wow... I mean, ick, but wow...
First of all... they say to let it dry until it's dry to the touch... about 15 minutes.
Let me point out that... dry to the touch is just a fancy way of saying
"cemented to your face and your gonna scream like a little girl when it comes off!"
Ok, so maybe not "scream" per se, but it's not a bowl full of jello man.
Second... remember after Mount St. Helens exploded... and they showed the
photographs of the "ember forests"... burnt out, branch-less tree stalks... fields of them...
Yeah, so do I need to paint a picture of the back of that Ponds Nose Tape thing...
and no, it's not like I ignore the cleanliness of my skin.
If it wasn't so hard to ignore the "ick" factor... it'd be pretty cool.

oh... and do you like my new slippers?

Gifts from your children must be worn out... it's like a rule or something.