December 27th, 2004


Monday, December 27

Absolutely freezing freaking cold.... but sunny. The sun is like a lure... to get you to go outside... and then you freeze and die. :)

I have this tack board on the wall behind my desk... with family photo's lj friends have sent me... and due to the randomness of putting pictures up there... groovysegue's husband is always peeking at me with this huge grinn from around the edge of my monitor.  So then I tip my head a bit and see her lovely daughter Queen Lilly... tip a wee bit more... and there's the blonde mommy herself... and boy does she have a pretty smile... and then I remember that her husband is watching me, so I get back to work. :)

The boys wanted "laser tag" for christmas...
It was their big "santa" gift... seeing as mom and dad just could not find it anywhere... they were all... sold... out....
~ oh my god were they excited.
er... ok you can actually see them in [ :: this picture :: ]

~ pj pants...
~ white t
~ and a bit of a face that needs shave'en. :)
~ a shower... shaving... dressing... ;)
~ install a bunch of software on Z's new pc...
~ sort out the parts I want for my new pc...
~ go to staples and make 'em honour the "price protection" guarantee... (our monitors are on boxing week sale!!)
~ go sledding with the boys... :)
~ to just send out a few warm vibes to wenchlette... just because... :)
~ like mad that distortedgirl gets her heat back on!!!!
~ that odyssey_road is doing well with little squishy, cuddly christmas prezzi... :)
~ to just point out that if you're working today... I hope your day goes quickly and you get home safe and sound. :)

Now then...

Some more of Club December... before I run out of december...

Dec 23: _realityvixen Happy Birthday sugar... you are ten kinds of amazing so I wont list them all... but how about I just mention creative, and beautiful for now... I hope you had a great birthday... a wonderful christmas and those with whom you share your heart ... have a great year.
Dec 24: lillyblossom I'm darn positive you wont see this ... but that doesn't change for one second how much I hope for your good health and success this year. I know the last year has been very challenging... and I'm equally sure you deserve a break... May this be the year of a few good breaks for you sugar... and I hope I get to talk with you again.
Dec 26: evil Hola dude... I'm not sure you'll see this but please accept my best wishes for your birthday and the coming year.  :)
Dec 26: thetech Happy Birthday Norm... Thank you for the years of friendship... I look forward to many more... but mostly I hope for your good health and continued happiness... :D
Dec 27: girl_quiet Happy Birthday Kim... and besides wishing you hadn't changed your user name... :) :) I am wish'en you a healthy and happy birthday lil'sugar. :)
Dec 27: shiggity Happy Birthday Cheryl... see ya.

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self centered pathetic rant...

it's hard 'nuf keeping track without people up-and-changing-their-user-names!
worst still... they change from something unique to something ... a lot like other names...
This burned me today... but believe me... it's a regular thing...

gah... :)

* iamsuchatoolsometimes.... :)

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looking at a magazine of home plans...
and wondering... wtf is a "keeping room"?
Many plans show this off the kitchen zone but
there is a separate family room and breakfast area.