December 25th, 2004


Saturday, December 25

Hola!! Merry Christmas...

~ and dig this... my first Saturday Morning post since last January 4th... :)
The Christmas holiday is a reprieve from the Computer Free Saturday zone.

As you can see... I'm captain excitement of team bursting about ma new element of vanity.
new plates... corto1 and the one, of course, is to fool people into thinking... I have so MANY cars... that I have to number them. ! :D

Suzanne is over the moon happy with the car starter deal... her face lit up in all the ways I could imagine when she heard the car start in the garage when she pushed the button. :) (~beams!!!!) - and word... this is a fricken good car starter... not some walmart moment of gadgetry! :)

Note: Bradd... aka El Magnifico d'Livejournaleo, is giving paid members a christmas prezzi...
[ :: 100 megs of photo hosting!! :: ]

~ black stripee ftls
~ new blue jeans
~ very old txt shirt with an orange stripe...
~ and a big smile!
~ to read the booklet that came with my dremel...
~ to finish cooking this Terradon of a turkey
~ christmas dinner at my MILs house and a big family doooo...
~ all of my friends the very best wishes for health and happiness on this grand excuse for rampant kindness. :)
~ to point out, again, that I love christmas...  It has the capacity to bring out remarkable things in people.

We had a lovely Christmas eve at my parents house...
a whole christmas dinner and prezzies and stuff.
The children were buzzing like little bees and the rest
of us enjoyed every single moment of the time we had together. :)

However you define your sense of spirituality,
there is no denying the quality and import of any event
that can draw forth a spirit of caring, sharing and love. 
That spirit is owned by no man, woman or group...
yet can be shared equally by all.
We are all together in this life,
despite the efforts of some to divide us.
Our differences may make us more interesting,
but it is the things we share...
that make us better.
~ Merry Christmas