December 23rd, 2004


Amazing Race 6 Update!!

Amazing Race 6 Update!!</h2>

A Little Research... nudge nudge...say n’more.

It's all about...  freaking Kendra.  I mean... fine, ok, other things happened, besides Kendra. We have clown cars, Grace (Rebecca) clowning around, a cab driver that bails on the human penis (Jonathan), human rockets and, according to Kendra... not quite enough research!

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Thursday, December 23 (tick tick tick...)

So you see... here's how that crack ho, Madam I-am-you're-worst-nightmare Nature, works...
Snow... snow a lot... then freeze your ass off. Ok, now lets warm up a bit... to minus one million instead of minus two million...
Now snow a bit more... then quick... warm up to almost zero.
Cooo... Now rain your ass off as we plunge the temperatures back down to the don't-touch-it-or-you'll-stick-to-it zone.

The whole universe is covered in ICE.
The car... driving to the dentist office... was sooo cold that rain froze instantly when it hit the windshield.
Please join me in a hearty round of "BAH!!!"
Somebody get Ms. Nature some pot or something...

~ blue ftls
~ new blue jeans... but they're coming off... er... to be replaced by the old ones...
~ a p-z t with a bluenotes waaaarm sweater!
~ wake up dreadfully early and get myself to my dentist appointment.
~ that worked out well... despite the egads-this-is-evil weather.
~ to have a day-before-the-day-before-christmas with the family. :)
~ oh, and order computer parts...
~ that harleydog gets a few frigg'en breaks in the work sched this week and next!!!
~ to send big hugs and Hi-how-are-ya's out to rose_maiden... it's been a long time sugar. :)
~ that no1topaz gets some good news about the young'en... (big wishes here misha)
~ and that there's a little less "rash behaviour" in balljar's house...

I went out to buy... to actually purchase... the geeky bits I need to upgrade Suzannes computer and found that half of what I wanted needed to be ordered. So I have the dudes at my local not-a-big-box computer store matching the competitions prices and ordering in my bits... now I have to wait... sigh.
On a happier note... I went to Future Shop to buy the new LCD monitors that I've been saving for (my "saved because I stopped smoking" stash) and found them out-of-stock. So I swiped the shelf tag with the price and took that to Staples. They matched the $50 lower price and I've got it now. It's a 17" samsung with a high contrast ration and a speedy response time... but I'm wondering if I should return this and hold out for the 19 inch... We'll see.

Now that there is no "top shelf" on my monitor...
I need a new idea for positioning my web cam...
decisions decisions...
Something that clipped to the top of the monitor would be nice.

So you gotta understand that I live very close to the "Corel Center", the home of the Ottawa Senators.
Translation: Traffic hassles all hockey season long.
Circumstance: my ongoing dancing-in-the-street over the hockey strike.  Fill your boots guys... skip the whole season... bwaahahaha
Attitude: I like watching hockey... but that doesn't preclude my belief that it's a stupid sport. 
Proof: The Tod Bartooooozy thing... What a crock.

Have a great almost-christmas... :)

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~ drove to computer store... bought stuff.  Highway was almost empty (It's convenient to pop on the highway for a couple of exits)... because of a jack-knifed tractor trailor just before the on-ramp I use. Crushed cars... fire trucks... plural... ambulances... cops... closed highway... 18 wheelers clogging the arteries as they bypass...

~ everything is a sheet of ice or a lake of slush... and the forecast calls for minus 14 tonight... Gonna need skates tomorrow.

~ Geo and I made kifli dough batch number three today... Suz made banana bread... and we're making a chinese fondu for dinner... :)

~ Antec Sonata... wicked good case... wow.

You smiling?
... should be.
It's time... to just let go.
It'll be ok.
In fact, it could just be great.

(er... unless you're planning on traveling anywhere near here tonight...)