December 22nd, 2004


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Do you use (at home or at work) cordless geek for your keyboard and / or mouse?

Do you like it?

Go 'head... advise me on this.

I'm thinking microsnot... er... soft... but I had a couple of total crap cordless mice ("blue mouse") from them...

Weednesday, December 22

Oh man... I had the best sleep in I've had in ages. I mean, sleeping for almost 9 hours on saturday night was cool but that's cause I passed out at 10:00... but waking up at 10... now that's pure heaven. :)  And ... AND the best part... I did wake up at 8:30 and panicked about being late for work... then I got to crawl back in bed and snuggle when my day off dawned on me. :)

It snowed last night... lovely. (sarcasm thing again).  It's a flat day... cloudy and a lot less bazzingly cold than the last couple of days. :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ old blue jeans...
~ b.u.m. equip gray t... :)
~ wake up late...
~ vac the first floor
~ wash the floor...
~ get the kids breakfast
~ get them started on kumon...
~ and come and write my morning post. :)
~ go computer part shopping...
~ write about Amazing Race
~ go taboganing with the kiddies...
~ enjoy the Wednesday night line up on t.v. :D
~ be a slacker. :D :D :D :D
~ with all of my heart that I read some good news about a dear friend, catherine...
~ I was dramatically richer... and don't gimmi that money isn't everything crap... because despite the things it isn't... it's still money baby.
~ it was possible to just scoop no up for a week and be her personal entertainer... kinda like a personal trainer except you actually have fun.
~ that Dallas survives the millimeters of snow they might get ... for about 10 minutes... (sheesh)
~ for a little heat to show up in the world of lostinjersey
~ and a wish for a good flight to ratonil... be safe my friend.

My heart goes out to the families of the men and women that are serving in the pathetic excuse for a war in Iraq.
I want to rant ... but I'll save that... and give over only my honest feeling of empathy.

and it's one two three... what are we fighting for... 

ps. no it wasn't a typo... :)
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Having become absolutely sick and tired of the many shortcommings inherent in our Kitchen Aid coffee maker...

We are off to Future Shop to buy...

... one of these. :D
~ and being the complete coffee a'holic that I am...
... this is big fun. :)

ps. computer part buying can be a pain... just say'en...

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"I'm an artist,  I'm flexable, I'm fast... and I can turn my tongue all the way over!"
(Edward took a moment to explain himself at bed time...)

club December

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Dec 21:

indianasweetie - Happy birthday Angela... my little Bendy Indy. I hope you catch a few really good breaks this year. Friendships are like the grapes that make wine... you have to cultivate them well before you're making a good wine. I hope there's some really good wine in store for you this year.

thinktink - Happy birthday hard-working Tink... I hope good health follows you through out the year and that you are able to afford yourself the luxury of relaxation... :D

mellusions - Hola Wicca girl... Happy Birthday Mel. I hope you enjoyed the day ... May you find the perfect bead at the end of your fingers... :D And I hope that you and the kitties have a wonderful year. :)

Dec 22:

blurrycat - Hola Blurry and happy birthday! Good luck with the cat... :) and enjoy the snow... but most of all, enjoy that last year before... well, 30. Honestly... life doesn't really start till somewhere after 30 so from my point of view... "you're almost there!!" Have a great birthday and a fun year!!

burntflowers - Happy Birthday Tara... and I'm very glad I've got myself caught up with you!! I hope this is a wonderful birthday and that the year ahead brings you ever closer to the future you are forging out there ... little miss west coast. :)

dorkgirl - Happy birthday Rhonda... I've no idea if you'll see this note but that hardly matters... what does is that you have a great birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

lynspin - Happy Birthday my little blonde nugget ... I hope you have an absolutely great time on your birthday and a year of love and close comfort ahead. As always ... lil'lynnly, I hope for your continued good health and delight in the notion of your happiness. :)