December 21st, 2004


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George helped me make kifli dough yesterday and tonight we baked up another full batch...
He really does the whole deal with rolling it out and making the little cresents. :)
Of course, making the dough is more messy fun...

The thing of it is...
... I can clearly remember watching and helping my mom make kifli at christmas when I was his age.
It's a really nice vibe to let these moments be precious.

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psst ... anyone know any reason why I should stay away from aBit mother boards?

oh, and I am sofa king tired I can't keep my eyes open.
This, I suppose is a clue.

ni ni... ;)

Tuesday, December 21.

Ok... well cute is cute... and there's no argument
when I am about ready to leave for work and I go
back up to our bedroom and see Geo, Suz and Ed
all snugged up and cruising dream pavement together,
that is the most "cute" thing in the world!!
I didn't want to wake any of them so I did the
Kiss-finger-touch-cheek with each of them and then just
stared at 'em for a bit... I love my little family.
We have our issues, like all families I suppose... Kids
trying to find the limits of their power... mommy and daddy
trying to not go bonkers being mommy and daddy...
but they are, each of them... treasures of a worth
beyond measure.

Family... can make you immortal.

Oh, and btw... it's cold again... they talked a big talk about how it's supposed to be warming "UP" to minus 18 today but fuck that... I just went for a coffee with coworkers and it was freaking ball shatteringly cold man... you should see my hands... the backs of my knuckles are cracked and dry... if I stick my hand in a bucket of hand cream... you'd hear a sucking noise!! (note to self: find hand cream)

~ black ftls
~ new blue jeans...
~ gray t hiding under a warm turtleneck
~ and (now that I'm at work...) a big red santa hat... why? BECAUSE it's fricking cold...
~ time sheet day... weee.... (sarcasm drips off me sometimes)
~ Amazing Race is on tonight!!! (remember it's on an hour earlier than usual)
~ I could afford a funkadelic pci express video card... versus a low end pci express video card... grrrrrrr
~ that my very first lj friend... sweet mary bair (bair) and her hubby Tom manage to find their way out of the woods.
~ for relief for dashed dreams finds it's way to reeris
~ that nobody decides Christmas dinner should be a Rabit Roll at bratt72's house
~ that my friend, and a very precious young woman, alcestis hurry's up and gets to a much better place.
~ and a big Hello out to jenlovefl2003... who is just dripping with nice... :)

Do you grok the apod feed? There's always such great stuff there.
Today is a bit of data about the Huygens probe. It's going to be deployed from Cassini to Titan (moon of Saturn).
Dudes... it's total sci fi stuff... great science. I hope the image collecting works...

// I listened to this academic from NY talking on the radio in a segment on corruption in Russian business. He followed an interview with this American dude that invested in Russia to build an Oil & Gas Co. The academic was soooo amazingly full of shit it was hard to not turn off the radio. You could fricking taste this guys inability to separate reality from his scholarly study. It's like he was a Putin Apologist trying to make like foreign investment in Russia was a safe bet and good business... when every business person that has attempted to invest in Russia will tell you the same story of rampant corruption, racketeering and general lawlessness in the business sector. Putin is a fucking crook and a bigger war monger than Bush... and baby, that's saying a lot.


I wonder... those of you on my friends list that are very much in support of Bush and the war in Iraq (although "major hostilities have ended" and "mission accomplished" is the catch phrase of the year)... I wonder how many American deaths in that battle are too many? It's only about 1300+ so far... (not paying any attention to the 100,000's of Iraqi dead) But seriously... how many is enough for you to change your mind and demand that American troops stop going there? 2000? what about 100,000. What if, in five years, 1,000,000 (that's one million) american soldiers have died in Iraq... should America then quit and go home? or maybe restart bombing campaigns and pull the ground forces out? At what point to you quit? Or do you simply never quit and resign yourselves to staying the course until Iraq becomes a little Ohio with regular democratic elections, and fair voting... oh wait... I said Ohio... I mean, like Florida...oh wait... um... well... you know what I mean...



Yeah... ok,
so it's about 60 minutes away from serious vacation time. :)
Gone today...
... not back till January 4.
Dude!!! (does a little dance)

I have a great deal of chrismtas type happiness working it's way into my toes. :D :D :D

~ on the heels of that, please let me take a moment to send a rather cryptic wish out to a very lovely young woman... a mommy and a wife and right now... a patient in a hospital. Dearest Catherine... I hope this becomes a legend from your past just as quick as can be... My heart is completely taken over by concern for you and your family. I wish there was something I could do.


There is a lot of really wonderful stories in the land of my ever expanding journal friend list.
I draw strength... stamina to face life's challenges... by pumping up on you guys.
I learn new points of view... and gain a better understanding of my own points of view...
There are pregnancies... babies... weddings... sweet love... and stories of passion.
They all conspire in their own special way... to give greater and greater context to the experiences in my own life.

There are also, sadly... many stories of challenge.
Relationships that are fraying the last threads of connection...
Distance between lovers that redefine my understanding of longing...
and honest to god pain... from shattered hearts, fragile and breaking health and hope-on-the-ropes.

It is the play of these two camps... the juxtaposition of the extremes across the field of view that my journal brings to me... that truly tests my emotional range.

My heart is made resilient by the good and wonderful stories that you bring me...
and my heart may just burst with the wish to reach out and lend what ever strength I can give... to the simply precious friends that are facing some of life's challenges.

I love you ... and all you guys and not one thing in the world can replace you.
It's a friendly kind of love... and I give it happily, knowing that I get soooo much in return that... well.. it's almost criminal. :D

Peace yo. :)
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