December 20th, 2004


Club December...

More from the December Club...
( a prolific month if ever there was one! - but that's the result of Spring Fever! :D)

Just wishing a Happy Birthday to a few friends ...

Dec 17: zen2475  Happy birthday, slightly late, Michelle!! I'm glad you got out on your birthday and I do hope you have a great year ahead... May you find some surprises on the path you have ended up walking and may they all be the very best sort of "surprises". :)

Dec 18: rozsdan Ah yes... Not sure if you're around these parts but I'm hoping all is well with you and the ... *cough* "Doctor" and that your birthday is part of a lead up to a great christmas and new year.  Happy Birthday Jeff...

Dec 19: landmark  Dude... :) I soooo remember you sitting in my chair at work and showing you lj and blathering on about how great it was... :)  Life is long and I'm glad I get to hold onto a thread of your world as we both travel though our lives. You are a very unique and particularly good man Rob... I hope you had a really memorable birthday and that the next year brings you closer to goals that mark some of your bigger "life" moments.

Dec 19: maxlee Ah my little russian friend... :) I have no idea if you'll see this but regardless, let me wish for your well being and that you have had a wonderful birthday. It is a true hi light of my journal experience to meet people from so very far away and to hold those threads if at all possible... As the next year clicks past... I hope to hold just enough of you... to see you have a wonderful time, prosper and live in the best of health.

Dec 20: kaifawn Happy birthday oh globe trotter... :)  I hope you find yourself on the edge of new adventures this year and that you have a wonderful birthday!! :)

Monday, December 20.

Ok... sorry... :D hahahaha... Monday... what can I say. He wanted to make faces... and I'm the "obliging" kind of dad. :)

Sweet mercy... ok, first of all IT'S FUCKING COLD. Not... just "cold" you know... but like "biblical proportions" kinda cold...
As I drove FOR TWO HOURS to get to work... the radio warns, "exposed skin can be frostbitten in 30 seconds..." Oh fucking great.
It's minus 44 and some Toe Jam flips his SUV on the highway giving me a very sloooow drive to work.
Now... just imagine... 30 seconds to frostbite... and you're upside down in your seat belt with all the windows smashed watching the coffee drain out of your starbucks car cup. I wonder if he absently worried about coffee stains on the roof of his car as cars were screeching around him trying to stay out of the body shops?

The pavement... the roads... they look dry... but don't be fooled. That's a layer of white frost. Dude... the BRASS SCREW that sticks through my front door holding the Knocker in place... it had an inch of frosted ice (like in your freezer) on the INSIDE of my door.

Yeah... so back to my first thought... It's fucking cold man. brrrrrrrr...

Now... It's also very sunny... The High Pressure system has settled in after pushing yesterdays snow away with a c-c-c-c-c-cold wind. So we can all bask in the glory of a brilliant sun.
HEY... do you know what a "sun dog" is? A very glorious sun dog thing accompanied my journey to work... it's ice crystals in the air that create a circular rainbow out about 35 degrees from the sun... so you're looking in the sky ... not at all at the sun, and there is this brilliant glowing something with with a rainbows shooting out of the top and bottom... no really... it was filling me with that "why don't I have a camera in my car?" angst. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white dress shirt and a tie... blech
~ and a big blue sweater...
~ although a snow mobile suit would be better... :)
~ trying to warm up...
~ doc review for team projects...
~ expecting any minute now to have a boss show up and lay on a mountain... (typing fast before he shows... hahaha)
~ to send much love and comfort to lil_sass and her family...
~ that amythyst is ok with the quiet zone...
~ big excited congrats to kristenactually on the beautiful house zone...
~ that my friend, alcestis can manage to swim to the surface of the dark water that is wrapping her up right now... Hugs...

// look, it's getting close to January and I can't bite my tongue about the Election thing they're planning for Iraq.
The leading American Lap Dog... er... I mean, presidential candidate, is being criticized for holding the show trials of Sadam and his ilk, as opportunist and a "vote getting" strategy.
hmm... "vote getting" hmmm... "Prosecute our Crimes Against Humanity"... the Iraqi version of Pork barreling.
DUDES... try giving people water and electricity!!!!!
I feel like I'm in the concession line up to get a hot dog at an Evil Kinevil Canyon Jump here...
Exactly how many dead people blown up in various election protests is too many?
What did they lose this weekend? 160 people dead from car bombs?
Well they have 25 million people in Iraq... so theres no doubt loads of cannon fodder for this exercise in Democracy.
25 million... I wonder how many of them are a little pissed at being Occupied. Clearly... more than a few.
Oh and the three election officials dragged from their car and shot in the streets of Baghdad on Saturday...
Seriously guys... are you insane? Elections?
Shit... why don't we schedule an Olympics there while we're at it?

Ok... Time to go talk to the boss... :)

have a really great day... where ever you are, what ever you are doing...
At least you weren't upside down in minus 44 degree weather watching coffee drain from a car cup and listening to tires screech.

PS... GO CRAZY and put a random smooch in all your friends journals today... just do it...
Imagine all that smoochy-ness...
Tis the season muchachos y muchachas... :D :D
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Ok... after several web site updates for the team... internal and external, it's time to check out.
I have a few shops to hit on the way home and I gots-ta boogie if I'm gonna make it before it's late. :)

what a great day!!! I just managed to have an all around really good day. :D :D :D

:::::::::::::::::::::[end of day smiling me]:::::::::::::::::::::

Just a good vibe as the day wears on... :D

Hey... massive confusion... do you HARDWARE GEEKS think I should embrace the intel socket 775 deal?

ps. never pass up a chance to love someone. call me a wanker if you want...
but when life is at it's hardest... when you're drowning in the challenges that cover you...
... there is no denying that love can hold your head above water.
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