December 19th, 2004


Sunday, December 19

Well yesterday was one of those "captain of industry" days...
However last night was more of a "captain of the poop deck" nights...
I sure ate something yesterday that absolutely hates me...

The big news, though, is that I passed out solid... rock like... at 10:00  and woke up at  3:00 to get out of my clothes and back to bed till 7:00. That's like 9 hours sleep dude. I cannot sleep a second longer than that without getting a sore back... so I'm up at 7:00 cleaning the kitchen. :)

Lets see... yesterday was cleaning... bathrooms, fish tanks (the little betta fish bowls), wrapping gifts (suzanne was out most of the day time volunteering at a "wrapping counter" at the mall...) - and yes, there were several eminem jokes etc about my rapping honey...

oh, I made a big deal out of sorting the kids out with special "cleaning" kits and supervised (closely) each of them cleaning a toilet... they still make "miss the bowl" messes and stuff... so I figured cleaning up pee spots and icky stuff might give them a clue or two about trying to keep it in the bowl... we'll see.

We had the people that made our windows in to replace three more windows (yes, I know... dead of winter) ... but it's warranty service and the warranty is about to run out... so we jumped on it. :)

And we gave the kids to my mom for the late afternoon and evening while Suz and I went shopping...

~ pj pants
~ strong bad!!
~ to move slow, take it easy and enjoy this day... :)
~ oh, and wrap a few things maybe, and possibly nick over to Staples and Future Shop to look at a couple of monitors...
~ Desperate Housewives is new tonight... :D
~ that a little doggie named Bling... is feeling much better... :)
~ to point you at a good story in LJ land. :D [ :: here :: ]  A user that lost weight because... she worked at it. :)  A normal person, doing normal things.
~ that jenny_rambles finds her pots and pans... :)
~ to send a good vibe out to my sweet friend wikkidpixie ;D

// I'm just say'en... Lisa Montgomery is the answer... when the question is "is there really such a thing as the devil?"
She's the psycho bat that killed a woman to take her, as yet, unborn, baby... CNN Story Here. Personally, I hope you burn bitch...
edit: just read a newspaper story on this... the father... husband of murder victem... his name is "Zebulon". Who would do that to someone? Who would name their child "zebulon"... ?? Oh, wait... this is in Kansas... (snicker)

Ok... Geo is up and it's time to make a new batch of Kifli dough. :D
Have a great sunday ... :)

Love and stuff.

ps. Geo was just asking... about me and all the :)'s in my journal and if I use many :( (sads).... I thought for a moment as said "rarely... I'm more about the happies than the sads. :D