December 15th, 2004


Wednesday, December 15

Hi... :D

The sun came out!!! [ :: sunshine... on a wednesday morning :: ]
It's cold... it's wicked cold... but it's still sunny. :)

Anticipation does not have to be more
but it can be quite something different all together.
It can make the difference between good and ... wonderful.
Enjoy the moments that line up between the events in your life
and while other people are busy criticizing you for being a dreamer...
you can smile the smile of someone that is busy tasting true happiness.
~ dream a little dream, and smile... somebody loves you.

~ blue ftls
~ dark green dress pants... but they were too tight...
~ dark gray dress pants... for about 30 minutes... but they felt horrid around my FAT gut...
~ considered pj pants... but I don't have another job lined up yet...
~ dk blue dockers... that's the ticket... 33 x 32... yes... I am a little person... and little people get evil tummy's too. :D
~ cool white shirt that is totally wasted as an undershirt...
~ dk maroon dress shirt and a teddy bear tie...
~ to continue making like I know what I'm doing with "Form" elements in a complex ms word document
~ to really go to town making like I can do the same shit with Adobe Forms and make it work on the web... (wish me luck)
~ to write about Amazing Race at lunch...
~ to watch Lost tonight ... and smile... :)
~ to send GIANT ... HUGE... ROUND... BIG BIG BIG... SMOOSHY... PERKEY ... SLIGHTLY JIGGLY... SQUEEZE-A-SNACK Birthday Wishes to my forever friend wolfiegirl!!! (snicker)
~ that sweet cherripop212 gets over her tummy flu... soon. :(
~ that people would stop coughing on ladyfire... yuck...
~ to shoot a few warm holiday vibes to unshowers08 ... just 'cause.

Happy Birthday Nikki
~ I just want to say a big heart felt thank you sugar... for years and years of great friendship and for being such an inspiration. I do hope sincerely that you have a wonderful day and a fabulous year ahead. :D

Look... can I just say... it amazes me that people equate my distrust
and dislike of the US federal administration, it's leader, and it's policies
(both foreign and domestic) with a dislike and distrust of the country and it's people.
If you're attitude is Love Our Leadership or Shut The Fuck Up...
then you and I have nothing further to say to one another... except maybe "bite me".

I truly believe that the United States of America is one of the most astounding
countries in the world. Achievements beyond measure... capacity over and
above all comparison, places of diverse beauty, but above all ... people...
people that bring unparalleled happiness to my life.
I love America and my American friends...
I just think the shit cap in charge is a bit on the "wanting" side of things.

So... my rants will continue to be about whatever the hell I want them to be...

Don't like it? Careful the door doesn't hit ya on the way out...

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat Hump Day. :)
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Amazing Race 6 Update!!!

Amazing Race 6

Say My Name Bitch!

Start yer engines... and strap on yer belts because it's a bumpy ride out of Africa and into Germany... and to keep pace with the historical significance of ending today's race under the Brandenburg Gate, why don't we slip in a little spousal assault. I sooooo hope Jon hears a big honking black guy saying "bend over and say my name bitch" when he lands in Jail for assaulting his wife...

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Rhune Scape (I think that's how you spell it)...

Does anyone have any exp with this site?
Geo has signed up for a trial period and it seems kinda harmless...
However there's a million stories in the big city... eh... :)

~ curious.