December 14th, 2004


Survivor IX Update!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

The Finale

Wherein… Survivor's ring-of-fire series wraps up in typical style yet still manages to present some terrifying stereotypes that pound home the notion that it's nice to be frigg’en normal. If you are in any way "into" this show, you've seen the finale and know who wins... and we've all begun the two week countdown to forgetting everything about this show.  So here's a few of my words about the shows final episode to wrap up this season of Survivor Updates!!

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Tuesday, December 14

Ok... enough with the frigg'en snow already. K... it's not snowing... yet, but the sky is a blanket of thick white waiting to release-the-hounds on us yet again.
And there are people... who at this very moment are concerned about how effective their Air Conditioner is, and whether or not the pool is clean... *sigh*.

Work? Careers? Deforestation around a cottage? World peace? Hard? those things aren't hard... pussy.
You want hard? Short list potential renovations for your house and try to decide between those and moving... now that's freak'en hard.

The universe is unfair... waiting for it to become fair or to "even out" is a fools errand.
Keep your eyes open... and do your best to not let opportunity pass you by.
And whatever you do... don't forget to try that "cast bread upon the water" thing every now and then.
"You can't win if you don't play" is just another way of saying that you never know what the unfair universe will try to sneak past you when pay back time comes for all the good things you do.

So ... just try.
Ok? no really... keep trying.
Lower your expectations about everyone except yourself and you will be surprised at how happy you can be.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black kinda cargos
~ black collared shirt and a big comfy sweater... :)
~ finish survey content design...
~ negotiate survey media... I'm trying to sell "web page" but I'm losing...
~ run around while bosses act like the sky is falling... (note: never be the guy sitting still when the bosses are in "sky is falling" mode...")
~ watch Amazing Race tonight... and enjoy it! :D
~ to just keep abbeyrd in my thoughts as today is hospital day... I hope all goes well sugar.
~ that the holiday season brings some well deserved and seriously earned peace and happiness to my very good friends kimberly27616 and her nortacon
~ to tell kumi not be scared of the ones that yell... it's the quiet ones in the rafters with a gun you should worry about... ha ahahahaha... ok, no really... it's tres cool that they picked you sugar... congratulations. :D
~ and ehme... um... SMACK! :)

the radio did a piece on the "Try One" deal the US Military is offering veterans... "come back to the army... try one year and tell us if you like it... after that... if you don't like it... see ya." Sounds fine... except ... it plays out like "Try one year... and when it's done... we ship you to Iraq to get blowed up by angry arab folk."
Sweet deal huh.
No wonder they're taking away a womans right to choice regarding her body and her life... the US is gonna need more babies to fill in the vacant spots.
America sleeps while it's leadership turns back the clocks on human rights and wages a non-war war.
You get what you vote for people...

oh... I made Kifli dough last night... the first batch of christmas cookies are a'comming... :D

Happiness is a wonderful incentive.
Have a wonderful day where ever you are,
because if you don't...
nobody will do it for you,
... at least not without a little incentive.

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A little more from the December Club. :D

Happy Birthday

December 11, wikkidpixie Happy birthday december girl... You've been such a patient friend... Please accept my most heartfelt wishes for a wonderful year ahead and may good health hold you and your family throughout the year.

December 11, occipitaldruid Hola Christine... it's been a few birthdays now huh... :D Happy Birthday dear Christine. May you and your adorable Fiona enjoy a wonderful year together... and I hope your feet like where they are walking. :)

December 12, boogierock Hey baby make'en birthday girl... Happy Birthday and besides enjoying the concert... may this year see you and your new addition happy and healthy. :D