December 13th, 2004


Monday, December 13.

So did I mention it was snowing again... the "white christmas" thing is pretty well sussed but for all the poetry... it can really just bite my little white ass because lovely fluffy delightful snow... still weighs eighteen tonnes. I need a freak'en snow blower... or (think think think think) I need to bake cookies for the neighbor that has a snowblower... hmmm... the baking sounds easier.

Woke up today... news on the radio... a bit early... but that's what monday's for right? To remind you how much you enjoyed sunday... Anyways... I think I enjoyed Sunday too much because I got up, popped out my NTS thing (tooth guard), washed it, put it in it's little case, and then beat the living shit out of the alarm clock... climbed back in bed and cuddled up to the warm chick.

It's 8:09 and not a creature was stirring...
Consider both creatures are supposed to be on a bus at 8:15, this was not a good thing. :D

I got them to school by 9:00 thanks to a little tag team wake up ritual stuff with the warm chick and then joined the STUPID people on the highway driving 5 kilometers per hour and took another hour and half to get to work. sigh. Yeak... I got here ten minutes ago.

I'm dreaming of a white christmas... that I can appreciate from the deck of a cruise ship baby...

~ red stripee ftl's
~ dk blue dockers
~ white dress shirt
~ a tending-toward-blue tie and a dk blue sweater... kind of a blue cliche day...
~ to not die on the snowy, slippery, yucki, highways...
~ figure out what the hell to do about my laneway being buried under 10 tonnes of snow and not having enough gut muscle to not end up dead clearing it... grrrrrr!
~ write about Survivor... fucker finally ended... stupid show... how come the person I want to win never does? You'd think they'd pay more attention to what I want!!
~ oh... and work... yeah, I have a bucket full of that... boss just JUST told me I have to
~ there's a "staff meeting" in a local restaurant after work... wonderful... eat finger foods and listen to people say stuff that would be fine in an email... bah!
~ to send a few "good luck" vibes out to giggly_girl ... :)
~ I could see macdatty so I could smile at her about how things ... seem... to... work... out! :)
~ and that I could get two seconds in a row to actually read a few of my friends pages... grrrrrr!

// No ... it's not fur.
So... you may find this topic a bit off putting... but it would be nice if you poured a wee cup of don't-be-a-pussy and read.
It's the holiday season and hearts turn towards the expression of love, compassion and appreciation for the good and almost good people in our lives.
Guys... what do you say you grab those tweezers she keeps in behind the mirror and do a little clear cutting in that forest you call your ears...
How about turning back the clock a bit by breaking the bank and getting a nose hair trimmer...
CLUE: It is not actually possible for ear or nose hair to look cute, let alone attractive by any stretch. It's horrid for EVERYONE... just imagine how it is for your lover.
(And to continue with the theme... girls... grab some guys beard trimmer and take care of business. There's really no excuse for having a freaking pelt... you know?)

// and...
any opinions on "Abortion Non-Discrimination Act" in the USA??? wtf?

:) hate me yet?
have a great mooooonday guys... :D :D :D

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I have a hard time imagining exactly how I could be in a more foul mood.
Of course, I could shove a budgie in my mouth... then I'd be in a fowl mood.

gah!!!! fawwwwwwwwwwk!


er... um, yeah...
no, don't ask.

Today's done.
fucking great.