December 12th, 2004


Sunday, December 12

mmm... coffee... warm! :D

zoom zoom zoom... busy busy day ...

In two hours Suz, Geo and I will be belt testing for Green... Gah... Suz and I have to break another board but with a 180 turning side kick... and I'm just not sure how that's gonna go. Hahaha....

I have to fly ... no time to read or rant... :)

~ t-shirt
~ gray ftls
~ house coat!
~ a coffee cup on my face...
~ to make this wicked short...
~ get myself ready for belt-testing-sunday
~ figure out how to manage the need to watch and tape 4 freaking hours of tv tonight... stupid 3 hours of Survivor and one hour of Desperate House Ho's... :)
~ to thank the anonymous pea that got me a livejournal gifty... thank you!! :)
~ I had a second satellite decoder. :)
~ that things go perfect for Suz and Geo today at testing!!
~ that I get a chance to check in with all y'all later.
~ oh, and I have pictures ... a few... from our day yesterday...

I hope there are great days washing over all my friends today. :)

and btw... our world here... in Ottawa... is one big snowy freak monkey... everything is white... fluffy and cold.

See you a few hours. :D

green day

The family that TKD's together...

So lets see...
Sore leg? Check...
green belts all around? Check!!!

I wasn't able to take pictures!!! because Suz, Geo
and I were all testing at the same time... well, sorta.
Anyways, I gave my camera to a friend and she
snapped a few. :)

Here's Geo mid test in an "action shot" :D

Georges "level" did not break a board... but he did
earn his green belt!
however, there were some pretty little kids at higher
belts knocking themselves out trying to break their
boards. This one tiny little girl that hurt her foot on
the first try... then kept trying... oh gah! it was
heartbreaking! ... however... there were all success
stories for their perseverance.

The Suz "action shot"...
She snapped her board... she passed all her tests
and is now a green belt .
This pic is in the middle of one her tested patterns.

... and me... a half second after breaking my board.

(click for the picture)

My first kick at the board... was a direct hit on the
guys hand holding it and he was absolute hurt.
(lol... I felt bad... but had to laugh...)
Second kick... was off the mark completely...
Then the third kick got one hulluva great kkkkkkkkkkkkkraack!
sound and I finally did it.  Green belt time. :)