December 9th, 2004


Thursday, December 9

absolutely flat...
flat light... flat snow, thanks to it being so
warm two nights ago and then freezing to rock.
No sun... just a whiteness to the sky and landscape.
flat flat flat...
Skiers wear those yellow lens goggles to help
them see actual definition in the hill on days like this...

We decided to keep Edward home again today...
and hope his cough gets a wee bit better. I was
at the school yesterday and it's a frigg'en cough
factory... so despite any achievements we make
in getting him healthy... I just know that as soon
as he goes back... he'll be sick again.  sigh.

This, of course, means that I am at home...
trying to telework and accomplish anything.

Oh, and I used that Mach3 vibrator thing ...
disposable razor... gutter minds... That would
be the second time I've used it. Works nice...
and I didn't cut myself this time.  I can't, however,
get my knuckles around how I'm supposed to shave
above my lip ... I mean I can shave it... but I can
really dig in and smooth it down... not without
shaving against the grain... and dude, that is
sure to cut the crap out of my lip. I'd like to
push a button and make facial hair vanish for ever.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ old txt shirt...
~ a million phone calls...
~ try again to get "remote access" to my office working...
~ work
~ oh, and take care of my little Ed too...
~ watch Survivor tonight... gah... it's almost over... this and then sunday night finale?
~ that the smiles in ninneviane's world... hand in there for a while... hmmm... 
~ that the world stops raining on debby...
~ for dpaul007 manages to squirm out of what-ever-it-is... :)
~ and for allamericanmom to remember... she'll get settled in the night-time process... when she's ready. It's just the way of it with kids.

Canada is marking today with a Supreme Court "opinion" on same sex marriage.  I suspect it will be a positive "opinion" and while everyone is making a great to-do about it... the issue will not just vanish with an opinion.  We are fortunate, in that the tide of opinion and attitude seems to be swinging towards sanity... with a few notable standout detractors (hello Alberta). 
The paper today carries the story from two points of view... point / counterpoint... which, btw, makes me want to say "jane, you ignorant slut..." and the counter attitude is from this priest... He gets all magnanimous with the zone by saying that he feels loving couples should be afforded equal protections, rights and support under all laws regardless of sexuality, orientation or whatever... and then goes on to say that, he hopes however that the government will leave the term "Marriage" alone and restrict it to a man / woman pairing.  His attitude is that his church... owns the term Marriage... and at worst... religion owns the word marriage.  Well I own the words "shove-it-up-your-ass-collar-man".  Get with the program or get the hell outta dodge.  The failing churches should maybe wake the hell up and take note of the notion that they are failing because the pillars supporting them are no longer sunk into sturdy soil.  Nobody owns the concept of Marriage.  If the Catholic Church wants to say "we wont recognize a same sex marriage, nor will we perform the service" then I say... fine.  Fill your boots with your intolerance... that would be nothing new for you guys, so whatever.  But stay the hell out of the wider public debate on the issue.  It's not about you this time bible boy... it's about human rights, decency, fairness under the law and in the eyes of the lawmakers. It's about property and dignity and most of all ... it's about Love. All things about which the church is painfully lacking in understanding... unless there's a big donation involved.
The United States of Christian is going to fuck around with this issue for ever... but that's because the people who run that place are all so far up religion's pie hole it's ridiculous.  The American government is thick with catch phrases about their "founding fathers" and the "intentions of the framers" but clearly that's only so much lip service... The separation of Church and State was what? Just a "founding father" gag gift idea?

a little of decembers club...

A few Happy Birthday words out to some friends in the December Club. ;)

Some Friends and Their Day...
Happy Birthday

7 karla_jean While I'm quite certain you wont see this note... never the less... you are somewhere in the middle of a year after your surgery and I hope your world is shaping up well and health-fully. :)  I hope you had a nice birthday and a good year ahead.

8rising_ophelia And another member of the vanished crew... still and all... you're somewhere teaching and that makes you a hero. Have a great year sugar and happy birthday.

9 fallingforward Dear Miss Famous Cartoon Chick... you make me wonder if cartooning is the result of being overly smart... (cool veiled compliment huh... :D) May you have a wonderful birthday and I do so very much hope that every day of this next year is a day bringing you closer to your partner, closer together and closer to a world that treats you fairly.  You are one of the crowning jewels in my journal read and I appreciate your friendship more than I can easily express. Happy Birthday sugar.

9 krizsa Happy Birthday Sugar-Krizz.... :) busy girl that you are... it's nice to see you popping in from time to time. :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year ahead filled with creative surprises. :D (ps.  I hold dearly the silly memories of you being a cube buddy at work...)

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Based on a valued recommendation...
Suzanne set about finding a copy of "Santa Calls" in the bookstores.

... no dice.

Log onto Amazon, take it off my wish list, and buy it outright.
Bingo it's at our door two days later.

We read it with the boys last night.

I listened to the advice giver... and did not turn through the pages,
lest I ruin the ending. :)

It was absolutely beautiful.
And the illustrations will have the boys searching it's pages for nights.

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Ok... so if you click [:: here ::]!!!

You go to on a contest page.
My friend, mspish, posted about this in her journal [ :: here :: ]

~ it's her essay and she really really wants to win the router...

quick... go vote.
(takes like 5 seconds...)


edit: OYI... she needs a bunch of votes!!! Tell yer friends... make posters and put 'em up in shopping malls... sky writing!!!