December 8th, 2004


Wednesday, December 8

It's sunny... couldy and sunny? regardless... it's no-nevermind to me. I'm indoors all day with Edward who is too cough-ee to go to school.
But boss man big needs a project element done by lunch... so I'm all over that and letting Ed watch a movie...

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans
~ icon shirt (look at the icon) :D
~ immersed in a project till lunch...
~ doc at 3:45
~ LOST tonight...
~ I had been able to start working on this project earlier!

Gotta go... see ya. :)

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~ Yeah... so the project got it self done... er... ok, I got it done.
Boss be happy... boss be leaving for three weeks on family vacation.
All is good and proper in the world of work.

~ Doc's office went well... She's pretty certain it's only "hurt" (The "faccia" or whatever it's called).
So the tendons are in " spazem ". 
I have to take these funky anti-inflams for 10 days and do lots of ice packs and stretching...

~ I made these chicken things at dinner... cutting fat breasts into three long thick pieces and stuffing them with mozza cheese and garlic butter and then double breading them. Sadly, we were rushed and I had to "pan fry" them... (broiler would have been better).  Regardless... they were very nummy. :)

~de-icing my laneway ... was really freaking hard on my foot man. ;)

See ya...

oh... and new LOST and new West Wing.  You know, when they add Alias to Wednesday night... it's gonna be goofy... Fortunately Survivor will have ended by then and we can just spread the Wednesday night line up out over two nights. :D