December 7th, 2004



z'actly what is it that happened to Missus Bitch Nature? Run out of crack... again? Freak'en Hoe has freezing rain before we wake up... warming at mid day to snow... rain ... then back to Freezing Rain in time for the evening commute. Time for the C word...

I woke up with a headache. Fun eh... it's a stress headache... period. Popped advil... dressed, fed, and packed the kids off to school... hahaha... George looked back at me as I grabbed my coat ... "Dad??? Are you coming up?" (a reference to whether or not I would be accompanying the boys to the bus stop... which we usually do...) Now I'm in my ftls, a t-shirt and a big ugly green house coat that only comes down to my knees. So boots on, winter coat and my skinny, hairy, wicked white, shins are basically flashing road signs. "Dad??? Are you coming up?" hahahahahaha... I gave them both a kiss and promised to stay on our laneway and watch them go... I waited till I saw 'em get on the bus and headed in for my shower... but ... bwaahahahahaha... I was very entertained. :)

I stopped at Tim Hortons and bought a small box of deep fried fat ... at a few on the way to work and now my cube mates are angling for a reason to walk past the tim-bits box. :D

Hey... what do you think... Think there's an icon in [ :: this :: ] somewhere... hahahaha...

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue t shirt hiding under a big warm turtleneck...
~ continue the "dance white boy" behaviour demanded by Boss Man... who is about to go on vacation to Disney with his fam, so he's all intense with stuff... :) s'ok though... on his worst day he's still a plush toy...
~ Amazing Race tonight... :D (weeee)
~ to send BIG CONGRATULATIONS out to littlepill on the delivery of her little girl. :D :D :D ... pictures? hmmmm? :D
~ and to send a few good vibes out to odyssey_road hoping all is well with your little baby to be... :)
~ ... and while I'm at it... same goes to applelard and to cynica too... oh, and snowbrdette!!!! :D
~ who'm I miss'en???? you pregnant chicks... yer everywhere... :D (giggle).
~ to ask... do you watch apod??? todays picture and mystery is... great. :)

Are you black?
Are you a woman?
Do you have Blonde hair?
Long blonde hair... ?
Please... if you are a black woman...
especially a tall attractive black woman...
do not listen to Moisha down at the "hair palace"...
and DO NOT get the blonde hair thing.
You'll just look like a transvestite. No question...
All I can do when I see a black woman with long blonde hair is think I'm gonna see an Adams Apple running up and down her throat while she belts out a verse of "It's Raining Men".
Not that there's anything specific wrong with being a tranny... it's just... I mean, why would it be the look a woman is going for?
I repeat... gah!


and because some people will always have me at their beck and call (is that how you spell beck and call???);

Please take a few moments to cast your vote for the Boss family.
Click on the link below and it will take you directly to the page that lists all of the rooms in the finals.
Wouldn't it be nice to give them a room makeover for a Christmas present this year....
~ it's like a public service announcement. :D click click click... vote!!!
or was that click clack moo??? hahaha..

Ok ok ... me === work now or get killed by boss... :)
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funny how things work...

Drive home... it took two hours... normally takes 45 mins.
Dinner and stuff... and then...
While homework goes on, I figure I'll head to the store and get some essentials...
Especially Juice! This family of cough-o-matics is going through juice like mad.

The grocery store is 5 minutes away driving.
Factor in the terrible weather... and it's still close. :D
So off I go.

Shop shop shop shop shop.
AND I'm thinking to myself... my feet feel pretty good after a whole day on 'em...
I start wondering about that doc appointment tomorrow.
milk, cream, oh... some hagen das.... yum.
some lunch meats... fruit... some veggies...
ok... wait... let me check my list.

um... yeah... I have my list.
but not my cards!!!!!
(I don't carry a wallet... just my credit and bank card)

Park my cart... drive home.
Get cards... drive back.
Grab cart and ... shop for just a couple more things...
Thinking... yeah... it was really the right foot wasn't it... that was bad???
Wonders more about the doc appointment.
Then OUT!!
Use the card! pay and home.

Unpack groceries...
... listen to everyone coughing.
FACKKKKKK>>>> I forgot the juice.
The excitement of realizing I had no cards distracted me from checking the list. grrrrrr!

Lovely evening... freezing rain and all.
Bring Edward ... just to break up the strain. :D
Let him pick a juice (5 Alive) and I get some Orange Juice.
AND my foot if fucking killing me.
Edward can shuffle faster than I can walk.

Home... get a tennis ball and roll foot for a bit.
No way am I missing that doctors appointment tomorrow.