December 6th, 2004


Monday, December 6

We're making "Grrrr it's Cold" faces. :D

All cold, snowy... and seriously icy... everything that was wet ... is now just a slick splat of hard ass ice. Watch yer step yo.
I got up knowing Z was feeling totally crap with her cold so I got the boys through the morning zone and when "off to the bus" time came... I realized Edward was in no shape... his cough is a body-rocker so I turned him around and back to bed with mommy, Geo off to school and me through the shower, dress and drive zone.

but burrrrrrrr! It's so damn cold.

and, remarkably busy... My boss is a stress monkey today and he handles that buy loading me up like a pack mule
(and don't get me wrong... that's ok - Dish it... I can handle it! period... er... of course, I think he reads my journal when he's bored... so you know... "love ya boss" lol!!)

~ red stripee ftls
~ gray to blue'ish dress pants
~ white shirt, mickey tie
~ dk blue sweater... brrrrrr!!!!
~ Performance appraisal docs... (wonderful... sigh)
~ write a personal profile for a bid...
~ write a survey for a gig that's basically getting "under way".
~ This is all gonna be busy busy day stuff... ug.
~ to send a few good vibes to a bowl of sugar on PEI... to aeuve
~ that Mountain Dew doesn't actually cause headaches... er wbahner... :)
~ for good mojo to hang with my forever-friend ladyfire ... and um... spaz... study next time.
~ that there's plenty of fun to be had at the BLP (big lesbian party) at thedreamingtree's place...
~ that you would pop over to my friend, compwizrd's journal and send him a good vibe or two... GO! no really... svp... :)
~ to point out that the old copy of Toy Story you have in the basement, unloved, and unused... could get sent to debby and she'd love you forever... :D (she got one! :D)
~ a big welcome home out to pixiecup and ofsilence :D

On December 6, 1989, the population of Canada was galvanized together by the horror of what this total fuck job, Marc Lepine, had done in Montreal. Today lives on as a day to take a moment and remember just how wrong it is to place values on human life that are unequal. He (Marc) gunned down 14 female engineering students in a Montreal School. Whatever motivated him is irrelevant... the event has become a touchstone to bring together reasonable minds on the issue of stopping the abuse that has plagued our society or at the very least, raising awareness.

You might think we're making progress! But then ... you'd be mostly wrong.
And while "mostly wrong" isn't totally wrong... don't crack open the champaign yet... mmk?

As our western culture pats itself on the back about advancing the social cause of stopping the abuse of women (and there is such a long road to travel there) we struggle with issues related to the equal treatment of gays and lesbians under the laws that speak to the distribution of property rights, legal entitlements and general freaking fairness.
Why are these things "struggles"?????
What the hell is wrong with people?

If you ever wish for something...
Wish for people to let go of the stupid stick that they seem to beat themselves with before making decisions about equality.
It seems that for every advance in the cause of equality there is a commensurate falling back elsewhere in our system.
Remember... we are the same... you ... me... him... her... them... and until we start respecting one another things will not get better.

(And don't even get me started on how unequal the treatment of a father is under the law and in the systems that control the results of shattered families... I'll save that rant for another day)

Don't wait for a reason to be nice to somebody...
Be somebody else's reason to be nice.

Have a wonderful day!!! :)
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long day.

everything boss man wanted... done.

... and at 4:30 no less...

Time to go home.
Feet are very angry at me... Dr. appointment on Wednesday...

I remember some dumb-like-post (oops, too judgemental there...) dying-to-argue girl in a community somewhere ragging me out like she was a "debate queen" about how badly the Canadian Medical System sucked cock... and that she, a married-with-insurance-young-mom in the US knew everything about the Canadian system because she had read some far right quazzi journalistic article about Canadian doctors following the money to the US.

I can clearly see her post that started with "You do not want to debate me... "
So I said "you're right ... I don't..." and never spoke to her again.

The thing is... she was soooooooo wrong.

The canadian system is broken in many ways... but it beats the living shit out the American system with both hands tied behind it's back and a gram of crack rammed up each nostral.
Sorry... but when the US system of medical care begins to even approach anything close to what we have in Canada... I'll eat my words... but that day is a long way off.

So... were you nice to anyone today?