December 3rd, 2004


Friday, December 3

It's a PD day... so suz and the boys didn't have to get up early... which meant that I didn't have to get up early ... I slept all the way till 8:00!!! (does a little dance).

Snow is falling... not blowing around or being nasty... just falling... like they were a mess on top of the clouds that was just brushed off. The cold isn't death defying... but it's the kind of cold that gets into you ... the way "damp heat" gets you in the summer except... well, the opposite. Bottom line: winter. blech!

I was bound and determined to get a box of Tim-Bits on my way to work... and I went to three different Tim Hortons and found unbelievable drive through and in-store line ups at each one... so I had to pass... but not without yelling and swearing and stuff in the car... and no, my throat was not much impressed. (still really sore if I cough).

Ok... this is weird but maybe someone knows about this stuff... I wore the absolute worst "protester" shoes the other day... I wore my clomp clomp shoes and they don't have much arch support. Well starting yesterday and with no letting up ... my arches are wicked horrible sore. So much so that I am having trouble standing... If I push up onto the balls of my feet... it's all good... but as soon as I put my heal down... ouch!!!! Will this go away? Should I be doing some kind of exercise with my foot to speed the healing? Ice? Heat? Amputation? er... ok, not amputation. Any sage advice out there?

It's friday muchachos y muchachas... and it's going to be a beautiful and amazing day despite the snow... the cold... and the sore arches... why? Because it's way way more fun that way. :D

~ green ftls
~ black jeans... [ :: friday? yeah... but blue jeans would be better... :: ]
~ white t-shirt... a nice one, btw... and a dk gray "bluenotes" groove station shirt...
~ ug... phoning every company office across north america ... work thing... kill me now...
~ getting ready for yet another "performance review" ??? company is re-sorting the dates for these across the board so I have to endure another one already...
~ go to staples (business depot) at lunch to look at a couple of monitors.
~ write about survivor after lunch
~ tonight? I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be getting groceries etc... We're having a dinner party for my dad's birthday tomorrow night... there will be much cooking! :)
~ that a friend... not in lj... but a friend... finds her posture... holds it together and I'm sure things will be ok.
~ that catherine finds all the blues clues she can handle...
~ for better health to catch up with kaylee's little Erin
~ that wbahner stops hearing little voices... zingers today sure... but what if they told you to run naked through the periwinkle?
~ to send some "get loads better" vibes to my misha... willedit

It colours your choices,
stays your hand,
reduces you to tears,
and swells your heart with pride.
Funny thing about compassion...
You either have it ... or you fake it.
I mean, who says "I don't have any compassion"???
But there are a lot of compassion posers
People will say... "I don't care about this or that..." but they appear to care about other things.
I think real compassion is an all or nothing deal.
And where it's real... the challenge is how to push it back to make hard choices.
Now the issue is... whether or not it's a good thing... to be truly compassionate.
I think that it is a common trait among those people that have loving relationships.
... and I think it's absence is a common feature of dysfunctional ones.

Survivor IX update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

Crazed Lesbian

Wherein... we are grossed green by Gollums emaciate form, we watch Ami's rack "shuffle" and we see Chris do the happy dance... endlessly. It's down to the final six on day 30 of Survivor Vanuatu... and it's a strange crew that landed here, considering the starting players. Oh and Scout limps around a bunch.

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starburst stud...

A friday night...

Started with a spaghetti dinner and then straight outside into the snow...
er... the boys that is...
Suz is off to her moms to help with some christmas decorations.
and I'm cleaning up in the garage and the boys... are screaming, diving, running, sliding, falling, fighting, laughing, did I mention sliding? all over the place ... snow's primary benefit. 

This wears out... and it's time for hot chocolate and making ready for bed time.
Oh, this is where I realize we have not arranged for anyone to bring a cake (family get together tomorrow night for my dad's birthday).
So I get a cake in the oven while they have the cocoa.

Now it's December and that means it's three months since Geo got his earing. 
We told him he had to clean it and "twirl" it for three months before he could take it out. :)
So he had it out yesterday.  Just a trial balloon of out and then back in.
This is mad crazy for a little guy eh... I mean, he was totally goose bumps when he was putting it back in.

So tonight... he wants to put in this stud my sis gave him at his birthday... It's a silver or steel or whatever "sunburst" thing.
It's a bit bigger on his little ear than you might have expected... but that's no-nevermind...he's keen to wear it.

The cake takes a bit longer to get ready than it takes boys to drink a cocoa...
So they're playing in the family room while I'm finishing up.

.... and then I hear it.

Your kids will basically kick the crap out of each other and laugh the whole time... because everything is expected, normal and just par for the course.
Oh they yell and whine and laugh and cry ... but you get used to it.

So used to it, in fact... that when it's not normal... not par... and one of them just has to say "hey" with a tone of voice that tells you ... something is wrong. I wipe my hands on my shirt as I zing to the family room and see...

Geo holding his ear.

Edward crying and holding ... something.

He's got Geo's starburst earing in his hand. It had caught on his shirt sleeve.
He was crying because he was afraid he'd get in trouble.
"Why? Why would he think that?" you might ask...
Because like me, he can see the blood on Geo's fingers and ear.


I stop Geo from seeing the blood and (insert moment of amazement here) Edward knows better than to mention blood.
Geo does not like blood. And he's got a serious dislike on for his own blood. And we go wash up. :D

He asked if there was blood at one point and I told him and we've since cleaned it all up.
The starburst "stud" cut the inside of the earing canal and I figure it'll heal up fine.
We put the original stud back in (cleaned of course) and he's back on the clean-and-twirl regime.

Oh the drama... :D