December 2nd, 2004


Thursday, December 2

So it snows like mad yesterday... big fat puffy snow... packing snow... snowman / snowball snow. Edward and I played in the snow... well, he played, I built a snowman (that he attacked with vigour!) and shoveled the laneway. He was better 'nuf by lunch that I just took him to school. Besides, the boys had "mad science" after school and he wanted to be there (mad science is a "pay extra" for extra that some kids get into... all about fun science things... once a week for 10 weeks - or something like that - ... cool stuff.).

Today is frigging sub zero land. Absolutely bazzing. All that snow that was kinda melty and slushy? It's now all solid ICE ICE BABY... ug.
Driving to work took over an hour and I left "AFTER" the traffic rush... sigh.

Oh, I dropped into the grocery store yesterday, after picking the kids up at mad science (I know... I was sick boy but I still managed to be all over the place... ug) and at the check out was this bin full of the Mach 3 shavers from ... gillette? Any ways... it's a disposable blades razor thing that you put a battery in, and like so many Buzz Lightyear toys before it, there was a dent in the plastic molding package for you to "try it now"... you push on this little tab and the razor vibrates. The idea, I suppose, is that this helps get a smoother shave. It's also an invitation to little kids to "try it now" in the line up... because about 100 of those little buggers were vibrating in the bin... it was hilarious... like a low hum from the bin and the sound of a million insects just out of sight...

Do any of you or your hubbies use this Mach 3 thing? It's expensive... but I'm keen to try it... but only if it's the shit... as opposed to "the shits". :D

~ blue ftls
~ dk ... black? kinda cargo pants
~ black t with a big white-ish turtleneck... (off white?)
~ to cough... but quietly... 'cause it hurts too much to cough big.
~ to open the piece of paper my boss gave me with full on marching orders for today and tomorrow. A lot to do... I guess he's trying to keep me busy so I wont be heading out to go protest things... haahaha :)
~ it involves much colour printing ... hence it involves much waiting around... dum di dum...
~ It's a Survivor Night. I'm looking forward to watching Ami squirm tonight. :)
~ that perceptions work in ninneviane's favour...
~ for good sleeps all around to be the order of the day in the home of tonya... geeze she's precious. :D
~ that ehme enjoys her mornings as much as she enjoyed todays... often. :)
~ to just send a good vibe out to alfabettezoupe who has remained a treasured journal for years...
~ and may there be a crabby patty grill in nbbmom's near future...

// Ok... I have to get this out...

Yesterday, the President of the United States addressed a gathering on Canada's east coast and while he attempted to tell Canada that it was our duty to throw our support behind the misguided American Missile Defense Plan ... aka Star Wars, initiative, he drew forth the secter of one of Canada's most celebrated Prime Ministers, William Lyon Mackenzie King, by quoting him. George was fed a quote to regurgitate from King that goes a little like "We must seek out the enemy before he lays waste to our cities...". This was drawn from a world war speech given when Canada was busy dying in the trenches of Europe while Americans languished at home, undecided about their participation in that war. George was trying to parallel this issue to Canadian involvement overseas with George's ill conceived, illegal and more-than-a-little-bit-out-of-hand revenge killing spree in Iraq.

Here me on this... George you are wrong, and you are a raging bastard for trying to throw the words of a famed statesman in our faces in support of your fucking insanity. You bastard motherfucking cocksucker I hope you never set foot in Canada again. Canadian soldiers have been dead and dying hero's in wars that the American propaganda machines have rewritten history to show American heroism where it didn't exist. Screw you on the punk ass horse you rode in on you fuck wad for minimizing our global commitments to peace and the historical place we have earned in those efforts.

I am not against the American government decision to fight terrorism... let alone the decision to hunt down the terrorists or cut them off from their sources of economic, financial, moral and resource support. Somebody, however, can step up any time now to explain how fragging women and children in Felooooogia has anything to do with that. There are 100,000 dead iraqis (at a minimum) thanks to George's decision to get hostile with his Dad's arch enema... and there is abso-fucking-lootly no reason for it. That is a hundred thousand human beings that suffered horrible deaths at the hands of American soldiers ordered to do their kill'en by George W. Bush. I'm not some bleeding heart liberal, tree hugging wanker that refuses to see how aggression is required in the field of global relations. I am however, not an idiot... There is no foundation for that war and now America is committing to up the anti by sending additional troops to Iraq.

Just because George says it's a war... don't expect people with actual brains to join you in fighting it.
You are a bigger inspiration towards terror than any other terrorist I have ever heard of.
Your people and people the world over, live in fear of you.
You can fuck off any time you like assmunch.


Yeah... ok.

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I'm just having a heck of a time getting time set aside to cover the big ol'Club December birthday list...

So let me cover the first couple of days... mmmk?

December Birthdays ... part one!

Dec. 1
_jamielynne_ Happy Birthday Jamie... may you and your family enjoy the moments that you have together as you face the prospect of little people getting bigger... You are truly an inspirational woman. Have a wonderful year ahead Jamie and enjoy the very best of health.
alicenwndrln I'm really not sure if you're around enough to catch this... a day late... but do accept my heartfelt hopes for you to have a wonderful birthday and a grand year ahead... may all your auditions be fruitful!! (and I hope you find your mojo sugar...)
nosunshyne I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday sugar... and have a wonderful next-year-in-the-life-of-you. Keep those glasses on and keep on finding reasons to smile... it looks so good on you. :)
Dec. 2
thedreamingtree You are a wee bit of a nut... and I like that about you. :) Have a great birthday sugar-cacks and a great year. May you find your way into the hearts you hope to hold.
serpah Hey bro... happy birthday my friend. You will, without a doubt, be having a wonderful year... May you and the family that is growing around you suffer only the best of health and make wonderful memories.
weatherblonde Happy Birthday sugar... I know you're only around a little and a busy girl all the time... but stop and find some roses and I do hope you have a great year ahead of you.

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Yeah... Garbage is gonna have a new album out soon.
Of course the result will be a renewed insanity over the music and, d'uh... shirley's mouth. :)
[:: like this... :: ]
... um...
[:: or this... :: ]

No really... I just think she's so fucking hot ... which is a giant bonus because I fell hard for the music long before I had any idea that she turned me to jelly. :)

... and believe me... I know she's capable of being rather plane looking... tough.
She rocks all the little socks I've got.

Reminds me of why I put together that [ :: "garbage fandomonium web site" :: ] forever ago...


Today is very much done... time to get home and see what's what for dinner.
Z was home in bed today with the same thing that had me yesterday.