December 1st, 2004


Wednesday, December 1

ch-ch-ch-check out that double chin!! I am such a prize in the morning. :)

Well... I'm a sick boy today... and so is Edward.
I woke up and thought perhaps I had died ...
where as Edward woke up and thought he was a coughing machine.

Z works today so I got up and bundled Geo off to school...
I say "bundled" because today is all about...

Edward is starting to feel better and I'm thinking he's going to school after lunch.
Meanwhile... I'm sipping tea and trying not to pray for death.

~ pj pants
~ white t and a house coat.
~ to write a birthday post...
~ to write about the protest tourism thing
~ to write about Amazing Race
~ to write a few templates for the office...
~ but first... I'm gonna shower and go out side and make a small snowman with Edward. :)
~ that I get any of the writing I want to do, done.
~ that the migraine wanders away from paperdoil
~ that lj was working properly... I think it is not, due in part to my experience and all the comments I'm seeing about issues with lj today.
~ and that choices my friend allyn and jodi are making lead them to wonderful adventures.

Recommendation: If you're going to put up a poll to solicit people to fork over their addresses, don't do it with several text fields ... seperating street, city, post-code, etc... it'll drive you nutz trying to align the information later and keep peoples addresses straight... no really... !

When it comes to adding new people in your journal-zone... do you check out their bio?
I mean, I cannot imagine not checking out a new persons bio.

Ug!!!! I feel great until I breath...


The Protest Tourist

Tourist: I can just see Ed Norton in Fightclub
calling "Marla" a tourist when she comes to one
his support groups!

So I got it in my head that if George Dubya was
coming to town, it might be nice to wave a sign
at him telling what a great guy he is, er, or something
like that, and then go back to work.

Ottawa has a long history of protest, with our
national government phallic right here in town. 
Parliament Hill is home to endless special interest
protests and rallies.  This time, however, it was
something of a bigger deal…
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Amazing Race 6 Update!

Amazing Race 6 Update!!

It's all about... how long it's going to take for someone to grab Jonathan by the throat and choke the shit out of him.  Everybody goes to Sweden and all of them suffer.  Sadly, Jonathan and his whipping post, Victoria, do not suffer nearly enough.

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