November 30th, 2004


Tuesday, November 30.

I'm thinking whatever was wrong with pppoe last week is wrong again... and it just came back before, so I'll cross my fingers that it comes back today. :D As I type, the picture's not showing up. !! :(

Well plans change... :)
I got to where I was planning on parking as I heard the radio tell me about when the actual protests were planned and there's nadda happening till closer to lunch. So that's when I'll be going. As I left, heading to work, I noticed the sneaky little RCMP dudes hanging out along the route I was told would be George's path into town... cool. :)

It's crazy beautiful outside. Cold ... but super sunny and not really windy. Of course, the weather idiots are calling for freezing rain tonight and a winter storm over night. Ug.

You can go [ :: HERE :: ] to load up a web cam that is pointing at Canada's Parliament Hill. You have to do your own refreshes... Check the cam around 12:00 EST. !! :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ blue t-shirt and a big blue turtleneck... warm!!!
~ revised plans...
~ up and drive to work
~ work on a series of docs till 11:15
~ drive back to my sneaky place to park...
~ go to "the hill" and do my thing with the 12:00 protest.
~ and play it by ear about going from there to home or back to work...
~ I suspect it'll be "back to work" by 2:00. :)
~ to put into words some feelings I have about a couple of really treasured friends...
~ I didn't have this thing going on in my throat... like a wee tickle in the bottom... I "harumph" cough... like a "more than an excuse me cough" and it's like I'm getting it... whatever it is... but never quite... I'd say I have a frog in my throat but I haven't eaten any french people since college...
~ that groovysegue gets her voice back!!! :D
~ I could wave a wand and make a little magic for nortacon... bro I wish... I really do.
~ for innerly to find the inner Ly necessary to hold on ... and keep her faith... one month at a time sugar.
~ that my wee alma_perdida feels better...
~ and congrats out to dawna who just got a wee bit of luck! :D

I have a letter in my hands... written by a woman in the "consumer affairs" department at Effem Inc. Do you know who Effim is? They make ... chocolate bars. No really... they make Mars, Snickers, and Twix, among, no doubt, many many others. This letter is a big ol'appology. I was eating a Twix bar and it wasn't all yummi and soft and fresh like... and there on the back of the package was a phone number and the suggestion that if I had any questions... I really should call. Yupper... I called. She was very nice on the phone... whoever I was talking to. They explained - and then explained again in the letter - that "confectionery is a delicate food" and that storage and transport was to blame. I elected to ignore the suggestion that confection is a food ... because I was way to happy about looking at the two coupons for two free choco bars... that's like four chocolate bars ... and yes, I get excited by the smallest goofiest things... :D ~ snicker... er...I mean... ~ twix. ;)


Life is a lot less complicated than you might otherwise be lead to believe.
No really...
Decide what is important to you ... and that can be a moving target as you grow through the branches of your life...
And take a step towards the important stuff every day.
If you take that step... then you're on the path.
Everything else is just fluff on that road but that's ok... fluff is sometimes fun.
When it's not... you gotta ask yourself... "Just how important is that?"

Take care today...
... and I'll take pictures.

Phone Post:

104K 0:29
“Yeah, so I'm at the uhh, I'm at the protest.. the Bush thing. In downtown Ottowa, at the confederation square, and they've actually stopped talking now, so.. Oh, wait a minute, there's.. you know, several thousand people stretching into the distance.. but they're standing still - they're not marching. I'm not sure what's holding us up.. **chanting, inaudible** uh-oh, now here comes a whole bunch of people. Yeah now I have to hang up.. No.. I better.. ciao guys.. wooh, this is pretty fun!”

Transcribed by: jgurney

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Yes... well ... I made a point of saying "excuse me" about sixteen times... :D

If I had a sd card reader... I'd show you pictures but that will have to wait till tonight.

HOWEVER ... the phone lines on our street were "melted" this morning by some Hydro screw up... so I'm off line 'till they get that sorted.

I arrived and wandered around a pathetic and silly crowd at Parilament hill around 12:00.
However, when I went to Confederation Square... I was in a massive throng of people.

The group did loads of talk'en.... jumping around and yelling and finally marching.
We walked through the core of the city and ended up on Parliament Hill ...

It was a peaceful but BIG and LOUD protest... up to that point.
There was some pushing and shoving starting up at the hill and the crowd was determined to march down Sussex drive to the Dept. of Foreign Affairs where they thought Bushy was... and at that point I figured... fine... I've put three hours into walking my message around... got loads of pictures... and many more taken of my sign and interviews and stuff... but they (protesters) "Scuffled with police" after I left so I expect everything before that will be forgotten on the news cycle.

This was definately an interesting experience.