November 29th, 2004


Monday, November 29.

I kinda thought "hmm... that looks like I'm hiding the hair cut..." (hahaha...)
So you can see the actual head-of-much-less-hair [ :: here :: ]

Well I woke up on the absolute right side of the bed... I had gone to bed thinking Suz had her usual monday... but no. Friday is a PD day so she works today... So instead of getting up and taking a leisurely shower and ironing a shirt... I got the kids dressed, fed 'em breakfast, made their lunches, and put together a crock pot of bbq ribs for dinner... (love the slow cooker!!), then a speedy shower and ... a pass on the ironing thing.

All that kinda leaves me feeling like I had a whole day completed before 9:00 and that's a good mood maker. You feel (er... I suppose that should be "I feel") accomplished before the day even begins. That's a good pace to set for any day. :)

It's sunny and beautiful... ... ok ok... fine... it's fricking cloudy and freeeeeeeeeeezing cold out ... sigh... a boy can dream can't he?
A door into summer would be nice... of course, if I had the cash... I could just bundle the family up and fly to South Africa or Australia and enjoy a lovely warm christmas season. I swear, I would love to spend the whole christmas zone on a cruise with the family ... the extended family that is... one year... of course, first I'll have to win a lottery. :D

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white dress shirt and a tie... *sigh*
~ dk blue sweater... ... apparently it's dark blue day...
~ seven different initiatives all uniquely designed to create the appearance of being really busy.
~ hahaha... ok, no really... that's how I see "make work" projects... but there really is a lot to get done. :D
~ team web site stuff, document templates, and re-jigging parts of the "application" (it's just a massively macro encrusted excel spreadsheet... but it's cool. :D)
~ tonight? Maybe watch the Star Trek Enterprise I taped yesterday... was it part 2??? please have been the part two episode... pawwwleese! :) (I know... get a life...)
~ that easilydistractd doesn't over-indulge in the sugar free candy zone... !!
~ to point out that it's ... um... November... to spurbaby :D
~ that arlyn doesn't hear any random squeaky noises today... (giggle)
~ to send a few words of support and encouragement to webdiva. Those good choices will help move life forward.

Congratulations to aeuve
~ now that you're all officially married up... :D

So George W. Bush, the Leader of the Pee World, will be here in Ottawa tomorrow. Airport lock downs, road closures, downtown districts restricted and general traffic and movement mayhem will ensue. And ... he wont be speaking to our parliament... he's gonna fuck around with a few photo ops and wonder where the hell he's at and then he'll get back in the SUV TO END ALL SUV'S (airforce one) and go home.

Personally, I think they should arrest him as a war criminal the minute he steps off the plane but I have a sneaking suspicion that's not gonna happen. (but you gotta admit, it would be the funniest thing to ever happen throughout all of recorded history... hahahaha).

My boss is game with my taking time off tomorrow... I'm just trying to figure out where to park to sort out getting downtown with my sign... hmmm....


I Need!
to find product review web sites ... you know... with customer comments.
I have several opposing views on the Asus Terminator2 line of barebones pc cases / boards and I want to see if I can find a prevailing wind.


Does anyone have an "air hockey" table?
I'm going to buy one for the kids for christmas... and theres the small version... large... and steroid table... I'm just wondering about peoples experiences with them.


Have a great day muchachos (y muchachas)... despite the advent of winter, I can feel the initial creep of the Christmas Spirit working it's way into my heart... and that's a good thing. You should try it... :D
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The sun sets in the west

Like so many ugly tattoos on the wrinkled skin of an aging biker

"Look... can you just try and get along?"
"Why don't you meet them half way...?"
"Lets discuss this and find a solution..."

All the sort of shit we expect from and push on the weak.
Because, you know... if you have the biggest stick on the block, you don't waste time with that...
When it's hammer time, you just go.

Yet when the little guys assert themselves, it's a big hassle and everyone condemns them for their aggressive behaviour.
We ask... then we tell... them to sit down and shut up, but maybe not in so many words.

But the big mutha with the vast resources will wander into the fray and get blow jobs from all the candy stripers, push the little guys around and tell their generals to teach those aggressive bastaches a lesson or two.
Meanwhile, the mess in the bully's backyard remains unattended.
Their debt spirals out of control... dooming future generations.
Their commitments begin to weigh heavily on their capability.
And the dirt keeps piling up at home.

Sadly... the time of all great powers comes to an end.
And in every instance... denial and frustration lead to terrifying losses of life, liberty and property, before the truth sinks in.

Tofler spoke of the influence of the asian genus on the global populations several decades ago.
He failed, however, to talk much about the inevitable rise of their power.

Have your fun George
Wave that stick around
And tell the little guys to do as they're told.
Enjoy it while you can
But you really need to start practicing that wave
Because the sun that is rising in the East... is clearly fixing to set in the West.

Funny how colonialization has been the last gasp of the dying nations throughout history,
yet none manage to learn from those experiences.

Believe me... there is no stopping the inevitable.
And the next chapters will record the names of those that lead the way down this path.
You're leaders will carry this stain, like so many ugly tattoos on the wrinkled skin of an aging biker.

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having some trouble with the CANADIAN Anti Bush Slogans...

So far I have:

"War Criminal!"

"Religion's Pet BUSH"

or my current fav...

"Stop the killing... or we'll say stop again, except really loud this time!"