November 28th, 2004


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Oyi!!! It's raining... I mean... it's just "raining" now... but it was freaking pouring before... enough to wake us up with the pat-a-pat-pat on the windows!  And just a few degrees colder... and this would be all snow. (I call it "dodging the bullet")

Yesterday was one of those ... captain of industry days...
~ primer paint new window and trim, ~ vac and wash floors on main level, , ~ put the winter rugs down in the front hall, ~ fix the front hall closet door (fell off !!), ~ finish the christmas light project (yeah!), ~ paint the bathroom window and trim, ~ groceries, ~ make pizza for dinner

~ meanwhile...  [ :: the boys went to talk to the fat old elf :: ]

but today...
I'm headache guy... not sure why,
and it's a pain. (advil is calling me!)

You know... the longer what little hair you have left grows, the more it pronounces how little hair you have left.
I'm getting a cut today. :D

~ um... a t-shirt... a house coat... sox...
~ advil... must take advil...
~ shower... looooong hot shower!
~ hair cut... going to my moms for a hair cut.
~ practice TDK...
~ do homework with the boys..
~ go to my BIL's house and see what all the noise is about.
~ TDK this afternoon...
~ tonight? Desperate House-Hoes of course...
~ that bitchcakes_xo doesn't let them denim clad exercisers wear her down... stick to spandex baby... :)
~ for the hard work to pay off in spades for kiki679
~ that there is no convent for arlyn!! :D
~ and that, um... designergirl doesn't get tooo bad a sunburn. !! (gah!)

~ did anything really cool happen in the land of your lj yesterday?

What an interesting story! Sick, yes, but interesting. Evil people exist... don't ever forget it.
[ :: the lj user that killed her mom :: ]  [ :: (read the Anchorage newspaper story) :: ]  That'll be an internet, livejournal, legend pronto.

Ok... time for advil and a shower. :) See ya soon.

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a long day leads to darkness...
I despise the way our days become a heartbeat long and night falls before the first knife at dinner.

Our "pre test" day at TKD went great.  Suz and I both got our "permission slips" to test on December 12.  Geo has two movements to perfect before they will give him that slip o'paper. He wants it ... huge... so I have no doubt he'll practice with us this week and get it next weekend. 

I'm going to try and make burritos for dinner so I better get cracking.
... no recipe.. just gonna wing it. :)  oh, tacos too...