November 27th, 2004


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... as I slowly try and squeeze the last drips of life out of spam.
It's terribly cool... this spamassassin thing.
er, well, after you get it actually working... and learning.
and I especially like the reference to it "learning",
but that's because it sounds like my server is gonna start sending me notes with "42" in bold letters on them.


I was having a great buckets of fun planning a system based on a barebones deal from Asus, the [ :: "T2-P standard" :: ] ... and then I read this punk review trashing the board in it... grrrrrr.....

Square one again.

Oh, and I gotta say the computerhelp community is groove-station*.


computer free saturday looms...

oh, we watched My House In Umbria tonight. Interesting story... and if you didn't have to spend so much time keeping yourself from gouging out your eyeballs, or swallowing the barrel of a hand gun while the movie unfolds... it'd be a pretty good movie.  What's worth noting is that Maggie Freaking Smith must be cut from that stuff they made Casey Cassum out of... Remember that movie with her and the yellow cadillac? they made that movie if the 1800's. sheesh.

Alrighti... bed time.

Get some rest... life will suddenly get busy on you, and you'll be glad you remembered to rest.